Among national legislators, a few do most of the tweeting

The following is an excerpt from an article by Pew Research Center.

For Global Legislators on Twitter, an Engaged Minority Creates Outsize Share of Content

Although most national officials use the platform, their posts receive only a small number of likes and retweets

Social media has become a key element of political discourse in many countries, allowing legislators to express their opinionsshare information and connect with constituentsonline. Twitter is one prominent platform that enables this exchange, and many national leaders – both domestically and outside the U.S. – tweet regularly.

A majority of tweets come from a minority of legislators

Indeed, a majority of members of the national legislative bodies in five predominantly English-speaking countries have a Twitter account. But as is true among other types of Twitter users, a modest number of active tweeters produce an outsized share of legislative tweets. A new analysis by Pew Research Center finds that the one-quarter of legislators who are most active on the site produce a majority of all tweets from this group – both overall and within each individual country. (Continued…)

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