Coronavirus: “Mother Nature’s Last Warning” (PODCAST)

Coronavirus could be “Mother Nature’s last warning.” 

Pandemic expert and author of “Three Minutes Until Midnight,” Dr. Steven Hatfill, explains why he thinks this isn’t “the one we’re worried about.”

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5 thoughts on “Coronavirus: “Mother Nature’s Last Warning” (PODCAST)”

  1. Marianne Ferrari

    Dear Sharyl:
    Why is the phrase, “Mother Nature’s Last Warning” included in the title of this podcast? We know that the Wuhan virus was weaponized in a lab. The architecture of the weaponization makes clear that it was not Nature-made. The only thing that is not clear is where it was weaponized. Some reports say that process began in a lab at the Univ. of NC., then completed in Wuhan.

    1. Alao, we take ourselves to be outside of Mother nature’s domain. This is just bizarre. We’re human. We can study nature right from within. We all know what a crown means, right? Human trafficking for all, because the godfather loves all his sheep and rationalizations so.

  2. Problem is that the medical technocrat scare mongers are now coming out of the woodwork. They all sound like 1950’s red-scare B movies. Don’t know who to believe. I am in shutdown mode over them all.

  3. Sharyl, I pay attention to your investigations because the author of The Dark Side of Camelot endorsed you, plus I liked your expose on the Hanford nuclear reservation in my state of Washington and your criticism of nuclear power subsidies. And you’re with ABC, not FOX.

    The Hanford Nuclear Reservation is the most toxic waste site in the Western Hemisphere, a rival to the Eastern Hemisphere’s Chernobyl and Fukushima. Most people in this state are oblivious. Have you done a report on the health of the workers trying to do the cleanup? See the investigators at KING TV, Seattle.

    Have you reported on all the nuclear submarines and their nuclear weapons based at Ground Zero in Western Washington? It’s west of Seattle. Check our local Scientists for Social Responsibility chapter or our local Vets for Peace or the Buddhists or Fellowship of Reconciliation. I have contacts in each.

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