Dr. Jane Orient and the hydroxychloroquine debate (PODCAST)

How did the anti-malaria pill hydroxychloroquine go from scientists saying it was a great hope for treating and even preventing coronavirus… to a media campaign that called it dangerous quackery?

We followed the money and talked to scientists who have their own idea as to what is going on.

You’ll also hear from Dr. Jane Orient of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons.

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9 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Orient and the hydroxychloroquine debate (PODCAST)”

  1. Lisa Doyle Torrey

    The doctor isn’t going deep enough. Bayh-Dole Act and 1992 legislation that Congress passed allows key personnel and health agencies to be business partners with the “experts” who have a dog in the hunt. It’s impacting health agency decision making. Follow it up to Fauci and others. There would be no Lyme Diseases Antitrust RICO Lawsuit ig this wasn’t true. It was filed in a federal court in Texarkana, TX.
    Trial Sept 2021.

  2. Excellent information. I first heard about hydroxychloroquine used in conjunction with zinc and another drug when I saw an interview with Dr. Didier Raoult in France. I believe it was done on 400 patients with a success rate around 90-92% . I had no idea who he was and delved into his background , learning he was an eminent microbiologist and if I’m not mistaken an epidemiologist. His methods have caught on in many countries such as Costa Rica, Turkey and some other countries.
    His list of supporters are impressive and his list of enemies are immense among drug companies , the politically connected and main stream media.
    What tweeked my attention in your interview with Dr. O’Neil was that he is trying to establish if the 20 cent drug may be used as a preventive application against the virus. If this turns out to be correct this would have dire consequences for the Gates Foundation and the plethora of other vaccine makers.
    Hence the push back.

  3. Why am I not surprised? This is the same FDA that for years has tried to stop Dr Burzynski who has been saving many terminal brain tumor cancer patients for 20+ years? This is simply a continuation of a pattern where the profits of big pharma are more important than savings lives. It is a manifestation of a corrupt deep state that even today is killing patients by not letting them choose their own health care. If we continue moving towards centralized medical care, it is going to get worse.

    Thank you for being one of the few honest reporters who looks at all sides of the issues.

  4. I listen or record your program Full Measure every Sunday. I particularly like that you discuss both sides of an issue.
    The interview last week with a (1) leading doctor on the front lines and head of cardiology; (2) Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons; (3) Biomedical Scientist who has studied Ebola and worked on pandemics – on your program last Sunday was mind boggling!! My question is why do these scientists/ physicians – who are treating patients who have recovered (and not in Public Health – where a new vaccine that has to be tried in controlled large trials) not getting the publicity it warrants? I forwarded this segment to many of my friends who missed it. Why are doctors who have been treating patients with hydroxy chloroquine not speaking out? For fear of retaliation?

  5. Jose M PAREDES MD

    Dear Sheryl:
    Re: Hydroxychloroquine ( Plaquenil , OHC).
    As a Hematologist / Oncologist with extensive experience in the use of this particular drug ( Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine ) treating Malaria patients ( pts ) in Colombia , prior to coming here to the States, I can give you and your readers my view of the present medical controversy.
    OHC has practically NO side effects , specially if used for a short term. Ocular issues may appear after prolonged use, more than a year. Cardiac issues ( QT Interval prolongation ) is not something seen in clinical practice : MILLIONS OF PATIENTS HAVE BEEN TREATED W/OUT this problem , all over the world. OHC antiVIRAL effects were noted in 2003, -Dr Didier Raoult, Head of Infectious Diseases and of the IHU Marseille / France . More importantly, the combination of OHC and Azithromycin ( AZI ), an antibiotic that has documented antiViral effects is a very effective combination against Corona Virus. COVID 19 .
    The VA study was a RETROSPECTIVE ( meaning data collection ) from cases with Covid19 in VA hospitals. Most patients who received OHC/AZI were sicker, and the study has not been peered reviewed. It is unlikely it will ever be published in a creditable medical journal. Other , more recent studies : JAMA, in a Covid 19 population in hospitals in NYC showed no benefits to OHC/AZI. However , the OHC/AZI pts were definitely sicker than the control patients , and only by utilizing Statistical Models the authors were able to reach their conclusion . Actually, those sicker pts treated with OHC/AZI did just as well as non sicker pts. A BMJ French study, again retrospective, showed also that pts who received the combination did extremely well.: No ICU/ Intubation in 15 pts treated with this therapy.
    The use of this combination ( OHC/AZI is widespread in the rest of the world, and its success has guaranteed its use. As a “ PROPHYLACTIC “( used to prevent people at risk: Health Care workers, etc, from getting the Virus ) OHC alone I is being tested world/ wide. . – As an aside, it is perfectly reasonable for Trump’s physician to prescribe it -. The cardiac issue arises from the use of OHC and AZI : AZI has also the potential for cardiac rhythm disturbance . That is way you want to monitor closely the pts treated with this combination .Early use appears best, to prevent the pt progressing into a more serious clinical condition, ventilator , etc. At that point the pt own immune system HYPER response is what eventually kills you. ; even taking account of OHC INMUNE MEDIATION negative effects It may be too late to save the pt.
    There is a huge monetary issue at stake here; your guest, as an official of a the AMA, can not be very specific. Gilead , the company that makes Rendesevir has a huge stake in the issue . Millions !! of $ to be made if it turns out to be effective . If that is the case, then it would be great for our pts . The company at this point in time is doing everything possible to promote its use. OHC-AZI are genetics and nobody will make money out of it.
    Dr Didier Raoult would be a wonderful guest for your program. He speaks excellent English , has no hidden interests and is only looking out for the pt benefit.
    Personally I have no doubts about the utility of OHC/ AZI for Covid 19 pts.
    Of note, It is actually incredible that the Governor of AZ interfered with Medical practice ,, curtailing the use of these drugs . Malpractice case, if I ever saw one !!!
    It almost appears as if President Trump endorsement it OHC created a whole non existing issue , something that , unfortunately , shows how political issues can affect the medical world. Well, my wife always tells me not to be too precious because am a doctor. I guess she is right!
    Jose M PAREDES
    As a Hematologist / Oncologist with extensive experience treating Malaria patients in Colombia , prior to coming to the States, I can give you and your readers some valuable info in this subject.

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