Hydroxychloroquine: Politicizing Medicine (PODCAST)

Separating fact from spin when it comes to hydroxychloroquine’s representation in the media.

The discussion about hydroxycholoroquine has been so politicized in the media, that it’s hard to separate fact from spin. But we do that today.

We also talk to a leading scientist, Dr. William O’Neill, whose institution is studying both hydroxycholoroquine and another medicine, remdesivir, to treat coronavirus. 

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23 thoughts on “Hydroxychloroquine: Politicizing Medicine (PODCAST)”

  1. Richard Borgquist

    This is easy: use remdesivir for main stream media, beltway and deep state.
    Use hydroxycholoroquine for us true Americans !

  2. Hydroxychloroquine needs to be used with zinc. It allows the zinc to keep the virus from replicating in the cell. Also both need to be prescribed early to block the virus. If the patient is already in the ICU it is too late. Doctors should be able to prescribe the “ cocktail” on an outpatient basis which many are doing with great success.

    1. BINGO! That’s what the “researchers” in France failed to test.
      It’s criminal to deny it to patients.
      The heart danger is to people with CONGENITAL Long QT syndrome, which is pretty rare.

    2. There are 2 reasons why cq/hcq were initially identified;
      1) CQ is an ACE2 inhibitor. The virus 1st attaches to the ACE2 receptor. Potential to prevent virus replication through this MOA was researched in 2005 with no apparent outcome. I feel that since it is preventative, there was not enough patients to extend into a clinical trial at. That point in time.
      2) CQ is a zinc ionophore meaning it allows the passage of zinc ions through the cell membrane.. the virus has an affinity to attach to the zinc ion, which disrupts it ability to replicate.

      But, rather than CQ/HCQ which have potential side effects, quercetin is also a zinc ionophore and has the same effect.

      So quercetin, zinc and a healthy dosage of vitamin D is likely the best immune defense.

      1. Thanks Kevin, do you have any references for this ionophore being on an equal effectiveness basis as HCQ? Could there be other mitigating factors? I’m trying to get HCQ from India but their minimum purchases might tag me as an importer for resale. Also, some sites also mention large doses of vitamin C.

      2. My wife, who does a lot of research on such matters, says that ionized zinc would be far better in that it absorbs much better than normal zinc. I’m looking for confirmation of that.
        Best immune defence now, it would seem, for the 2nd wave predicted for the fall/winter is NCQ, zinc and D/C with the possibility of quercetin being substituted for HCQ, in light of the fact that many are trying to suppress its use for bizarre political reasons.

  3. Great podcast, Sharyl, and excellent interview with Dr. O’Neill. Here is what I am posting about PrEP for COVID-19:


    Related article: https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(20)30313-3/fulltext

    Related stories: https://www.fox13news.com/news/tampa-general-hospital-workers-in-clinical-trial-using-hydroxychloroquine-as-covid-19-preventative

    https://sharylattkisson.com/2020/05/hydroxychloroquine-politicizing-medicine-podcast/ (start listening at 15.00 minutes)

  4. Hydroxychloroquine, by itself, does nothing against the Covid-19 virus. BUT, it facilitates the entry of virus-toxic zinc into cells, when zinc sulfate is taken with the hydroxychloroquine, and this cocktail (with Azithromycin to ensure against bacterial pneumonia) is something like 99% effective, curing people about to go on respirators in 3-5 days.. So, any “study” that tests hydroxychloroquine alone is bogus– the “researchers” have an anti-hydroxychloroquine agenda or are incompetent.
    Hydroxychloroquine is cheap– maybe $20 for a month’s supply.

    Remdesivir is probably 100x/dose and is only 70% effective and takes 5-7 days to work.

    Because President Trump suggested hope for hydroxychloroquine, the left has turned against it, because its effectiveness would eliminate the left’s Draconian power grab.

  5. Azithromycin also decreases the viral load in cystic fibrosis patients with rhinovirus….. so it does have antiviral activity. Google cystic fibrosis, rhinovirus, and azithromycin.

  6. Thanks for giving us some great perspective on this, Sharyl. I have heard many doctors having great success with Hydroxychloroquine, but are now having Pharmacy boards cut them off from using it. Good to know that the studies are being done.

  7. Hydroxychloroquine has a long list of side effects. It is very surprising that no one in the test group of 400 people have experienced any side effects. I suspect that some side effects are there and are being missed. It is unfortunate that these studies are being done without zinc. Possibly adding zinc would be phase two of the study, but there was no indication this was a multi-phase study.

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      I believe he said no serious side effects. Also there are hundreds more at the other institutions with no serious side effects. Of course they are not giving it to people who have heart disease or late stage coronavirus etc. Also, every medicine has a long list of side effects. I believe the study he is referring to is preventative (not treatment) so probably not with zinc at this point.

      1. Thankfully I live in Malaysia now and its been used here to treat Covid-19 patients from the very beginning – I’m surprised Youtube has not removed this video yet but the Malaysian Health Minister was asked about its use here by the local (NOT western media!) in this short video earlier this month: https://youtu.be/mRCVV27zLxM – He explained its being used on patients in the early stages as an anti-inflammatory (not as an antiviral like Tamiflu) and patients need to be monitored closely due to the potential for side effects with larger doses (NOTE: Due to the diet here, many Malaysians have diabetes or heart related conditions or are smokers – in fact, the gov’t here is very upfront regarding the age and any preexisting conditions of every Covid death as I have seen tables published with this info…)

        Malaysia still has malaria in remoter rural areas of Borneo and perhaps deep in what’s left of the jungles of Peninsula Malaysia plus the security forces would all be trained in jungle warfare (so they probably need to take HCQ before going out for training/patrols) – so this is a well known drug here with well known/understood side effects….

        I also know from friends that the drug is being used in the Philippines on Covid-19 patients…
        REMEMBER, Malaysia by no means is a poor country with a poor health care system like the Philippines BUT we are also not as rich as Singapore either. Countries like this will always use whatever is effective NO MATTER WHAT THE USA MEDIA/BIG MNC PHARMA COMPANIES TELL YOU!

  8. Pyrithione is a zinc Ionophore.. Zinc pyrithione is in many shampoos. Wash your hair with Head and Shoulders or equal shampoo, that contains Zinc Pyriyjione. Do this every day and enough zinc pyrithione is absorbed through your skin to offer some additional zinc protection for the cells..

  9. Zinc Pyrithione also has been shown to kill the coronavirus. It is also an antimicrobial. Just like Hydroxychloroquine.

  10. Dr. ONeils clinical trial is a nearly exact duplicate of the U of MN clinical trial. His timeline of July to find the results of the hydroxychloriquine trial is HIS time line. The U of MN clinical trial is complete and results will be posted within 10 days or less. No need to wait for Dr. O’Neils study to determine the efficacy of hydroxychloriquine when one with exact testing methods has been completed. But it will be nice to have confirmation from Dr. ONeils trial of the information we already knew.

  11. I wonder what the tally will be after the quarantining is over on the matter of “domestic assaults” etc.?

    With everyone coupled up, I would think cabin fever would be at an all-time high.

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