Most do not trust the medical-related info widely reported on the news (POLL)

More than half of respondents in the latest unscientific poll at say they do not trust the medical-related information widely reported on the news.

Of more than 1,500 respondents, 56% say they do not trust the information at all. Another 32% say they only “barely” trust the information.

One percent (1%) say they trust it “a lot” and 11% say they trust it “so-so.”

I trust the medical-related info widely reported on the news:

1% A lot

11% So-so

32% Barely

56% Not at all

1% Don’t know/don’t care

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5 thoughts on “Most do not trust the medical-related info widely reported on the news (POLL)”

  1. I agree but your sample space is skewed. It represents those who are more conservative. Thank you for your reporting, though.

  2. I take everything the msm tells me with a barrel of salt. It is hell on my blood pressure but the peace of mind is worth it :)

  3. I”™m not conservative and I”™m appalled at the medical coverage we are getting. A true left position sees the corruption of an industry amplified through corrupt regulators, reported by a media that takes billions in advertising from that industry. Everything we”™ve seen so far is along that path. Good tests turned down replaced by a scarce inaccurate one has us flying blind. Off patent drugs that numerous doctors including Didier Raoult who has three studies showing great success with HCQ are dismissed, and now one under patent is approved. Still no widely available tests months into this. The vaccine(s) are mentioned as the only savior by media endlessly. All the delays from the faulty tests cost lives and economic turmoil but leave us waiting for a barely tested vaccine, that scientists warn about. Such is the power of the propaganda used against my side.

    1. I try to avoid main media but when I do catch a report after a rally or WH brief it’s so false from what I heard the president say or any conservative. Opinions are always added even at the local news. I’m aware of their bias but it’s becoming dangerous.

  4. nonpartisanfool

    Americans are so partisan now, everything is cast in the light of which side of the isle is guilty/responsible – it makes every topic ideological and every discussion pointless. If the person you are talking with is seen as an enemy because of color based ideology then there is no ground to compromise because Americans have lost the ability to compromise.

    Does the virus care about party ?
    Does the economic collapse spare one side of the isle or the other ?
    Do only one party own businesses or have children to feed ?

    Are we one nation or just a bunch of tribes that barely maintain enough civility to not kill each other ?

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