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8 thoughts on “Part 2: The Donald J. Trump interview (PODCAST)”

  1. 5/25/20

    Ms, Attkisson,
    You are the best. Thanks so much for asking probing, meaningful questions. Thank goodness we have you to rely on as truthful journalist.

    If you do get the OK for a Biden interview, you will first have to give the questions (in advance) to Biden so that he can process the info. required for an answer.

    Would be great to see him stumble and mumble his way through the “You ain’t Black”. racist remark.
    Good luck.

  2. Maisie Bartlett

    TWITTER HAS Suspended my account indefinitely for Tweeting the word Bimbo according to them- would have loved to share this to Twitter-

  3. please tell me the location of the Trump interview. I am especially curious about the lamp on the table.
    Sorry I am at the age that does not know how to podcast

  4. Well, after 2 episodes it’s clear that you are a trump lover. Just amazing coming from a woman. Nice, trying to come off as a unbiased reporter. When you asked if you could follow him after the interview, you acted like giddy schoolgirl!
    I know you won’t post this.

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