POLL: News “diet” and “consumption” reflect views about media

Gallup found that the news “diet” of Americans strongly corresponds to their views about the media.

Only 3% of Americans with a diet of conservative news media view the media favorably. Fifty-six percent (56%) of those with a liberal news diet view the media favorably.

When it comes to news consumption, those who consume a “heavy” amount of new are twice as likely to have a favorable view of news media than less voracious news consumers.

Similarly, heavy news consumers overall tend to show greater trust in news organizations that those who pay less attention to the news. However, this trend does not hold true for those who have a diet of conservative news; they do not have greater trust in the news.

When it comes to local news, most Americans are more likely to trust and have a favorable view of them than they are to trust or feel favorably toward national organizations and media, regardless of how much news they watch or what political leaning.

Click on the link below to read the article about the Knight Foundation/Gallup poll:

Gallup: How News Diet and Consumption Affects Americans’ opinions about the media

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