POLL: What do people miss most amid coronavirus rules?

More than half of those who responded to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com say they miss “socializing normally” the most amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Ten percent (10%) miss fitness/activities the most. Eight percent (8%) say they find it hardest to be without “certain food options.” And 6% miss “work” the most.

The thing I’ve missed most:

6% Work

8% Certain food options

52% Socializing normally

10% Fitness/activities

1% School-related

15% Something else

7% Nothing

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10 thoughts on “POLL: What do people miss most amid coronavirus rules?”

  1. Renesta Bittick

    I buy a lot of Thrift Store clothing for people in need. This virus has dampened my charity for others in their greatest time of need. I was able to save enough $ to donate to the local food bank.

  2. Donna Azzarelli

    I miss socializing normally!
    I miss not being able to breath fresh air in public without someone being offended .

    Additionally, I dislike like being herded at checkouts. Very robotic and remote feeling to it.

    This, IMHO has been a huge experiment in socialism to see how the public would react. The dem governors have clearly taken advantage and pushed their limits.

    I pray POTUS is able to break the deep state and that charges will be brought.
    I pray you will be vindicated for what they did to you.

    Peace and animal crackers!

  3. I just hate all the rules! Standing in line outside a store because it’s over a certain number of people, human contact, and yes, even work..

  4. Jeanmarie Rorick

    What I miss the most is seeing and keeping tabs on my mother, who has dementia and lives in an assisted living facility. The administration will not allow visitors, and for a long time would not really allow the residents to come out of their rooms! No better recipe to advance a person’s dementia than isolate her by confining her to her room, prevent her family from making sure she is doing ok, and prevent her from getting the exercise she gets by walking around in the large facility every day.

  5. Social normalcy. Human contact. Freedom. The virus isn’t what I fear. The NWO , if God forbid Trump goes down is!

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