READ: Flynn’s attorney demands docs that are still withheld by Flynn’s former attorneys

In a new court filing, the attorney for Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn demands that Flynn’s former attorneys stop alleged stonewalling on turning over information about the case.

Flynn used to be represented by Covington & Burling, a firm that included prominent political figures such as former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder, former Obama Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer, and former Bush Homeland Security Chief Michael Chertoff.

Now represented by attorney Sidney Powell, Covington & Burling is withholding some records regarding involvement of those figures in Flynn’s representation. Powell has argued the attorneys did not properly represent Flynn and implied they may have conspired against him.

Flynn is attempting to withdraw a guilty plea for lying to the FBI in 2017, claiming he was framed by agents who conspired in advance to get him to lie, and blackmailed by prosecutors who threatened to go after Flynn’s son if Flynn didn’t please guilty.

Reasons Covington & Burling have given the court for withholding documents include that it is too burdensome to conduct a broad search, and that some of the documents are “not part of the client file” because they included “Covington lawyers’ privileged consultations with the firm’s internal counsel regarding ethical and compliance obligations.”

Chertoff met with Mr. Flynn, is copied on many emails about the Flynn case, and he was an active member of the defense team. Indeed, Mr. Chertoff was messaging firm lawyers in the courtroom on December 18, 2018. Mr. Chertoff billed $24,194.50 to the Flynn file at rates ranging from $1,250 per hour to $1,695 per hour, and there are multiple billing entries by ‘MF Team’ attorneys indicating additional work by Mr. Chertoff (not billed by Chertoff himself) on the Flynn file. Consultations with Mr. Breuer are also mentioned at crucial times during the representation (February, March, April, August and November of 2017). Mr. Holder appeared briefly at a client conference, communicated about the firm’s representation of Mr. Flynn, and made Twitter posts that were a significant problem for the defense and were discussed within the firm.

Filing by Sidney Powell, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s current attorney

Only after being ordered by the court to conduct additional searches, Covington & Burling has turned over nearly 19,000 additional pages of Flynn documents to his current attorney. The idea that the failure to disclose the material originally was a technical oversight “strains credulity,” says Powell. “This is one of the most important cases in the country’s history.”

She is asking the court to require Covington & Burling to be forced to give Flynn direct access to its “e-discovery vendor” to ensure all relevant documents are turned over.

Read handwritten notes by FBI on Flynn case here.

Read the latest court filing by clicking the link below:

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6 thoughts on “READ: Flynn’s attorney demands docs that are still withheld by Flynn’s former attorneys”

  1. When this case is over, you really need to hire Sidney – she will figure out a way to get those jerks who spied on you.

  2. Why have unethical, amoral and conniving attorneys , especially that disgraced former Obama A.G., Holder, cited for contempt of Congress, and lacky of Obama, be involved in this matter involving anything concerning Gen. Flynn ? Lawyers across the whole spectrum of enforcing the laws of our country, by failure to condemn many D.O.J. prosecutors of illegal government activity by their disregard of their own “ethical” standards’ and guidelines, still have your licenses to practice law ? Lawyers, you have shown your lack of respect for our legal system, your immoral methods and behavior, and purposeful withholding of exculpatory evidence have warranted withdrawing your own ability to earn a living, just as you as a group have denied other innocent people theirs. You hypocrits !

  3. Kathleen Wallace

    I hope that Flynn is cleared as he should be and then he sues Covington & Burling for malpractice. All lawyers employed by this firm should also lose their law licenses, particularly Holder, Breuer, and Chertoff.

    Holder was one of the worst Attorney Generals that this country has ever had. The Dept. of Justice under him was more the Dept. of Injustice as some cases should never have been dismissed such as the case against the New Black Panthers for election interference and the failure to go forward with the second Holy Land Foundation trial.

    Further, Bill Barr needs to fire a number of the lawyers hired under the Obama Administration, if he hasn’t already done so, as most of them are ideological leftists and not interested in the rule of law.

    1. What do you mean about the second Holy Land Foundation trial? It went through the following year and ended up in convictions on all counts.

  4. I smell a huge civil suit of malpractice against Flynn’s former attorneys or a quiet out of court settlement.

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