READ: The list of names who requested to “unmask” Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

The identities of innocent U.S. citizens who are incidentally picked up in wiretaps or surveillance of foreigners, suspected terrorists, or spies are supposed to be strictly hidden, even within the intelligence agencies, to protect the constitutional rights of the citizens.

“Unmasking” of these names is supposed to be extremely rare and carefully controlled with authority to request unmaskings limited to only a few. 

Below is the list of requests to unmask then-Trump National Security Adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn by date:

Below is the list from the U.S. Army Director:

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14 thoughts on “READ: The list of names who requested to “unmask” Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn”

  1. Why does any individual make multiple “requests to unmask”? & how do “requests to unmask” work? Does someone send in a request to have each & every instance of the redacted name of a specific individual in a document, unreacted? Or does one have to send in a unique request for each instance in a document? eg, Is Power reading a document, & there’s a redacted name on line 10, and so Power sends in on Nov 30 a “request to unmask” the individual on line 10? And then on Dec 2 she’s reading on & the document has another redaction on line 20. So Dec 2 that becomes another request? Is that how it’d work?

  2. We are experiencing a level of collusion and lawlessness like never before.
    If we are being realistic, we have to assume that the obama admin surveiled every keystroke made by candidate Trump right on through to inauguration. They don’t have a single thing to pin on President Trump.
    Miss Sheryl, please continue your important work!

    1. As I heard someone say on TV today, they found more dirt on obama in 3 weeks than they found on Pres. Trump in 3 years. After searching vigorously for dirt on Trump for several years and finding zip, zero, nada, I’m beginning to believe Donald Trump is quite likely the squeakiest clean and honest man in DC.

  3. Why multiple requests from the same people ? are they unmasking all transcripts picked up in a timeline of surveillance or is the unmasking for one conversation? Did all these people receive the same intel with each unmasking or were they getting different bits of it?

    There needs to be a deeper explanation of what they were getting with the request of the unmasking and what possibly could all these people be doing with it or did they have reasons to do this.

    Samantha Power is the first one i would call in because in her Transcript under oath she testified that she did not unmask Flynn — so either she perjured herself in testimony or someone else was using her credentials to do the unmasking — and either one is a felony charge. There is so much more to this – i just hope they find out what was going on — this is just Flynn — Obama was in office 8 years and if they felt confident enough to do this to the president after his election — imagine what they were doing with citizens nobody cared about in the previous 8 years

    Secondly, i would call in Obama’s Chief of Staff -he unmasked the day of the meeting in the whitehouse when Obama was briefed on the Dossier and Flynn investigation —

    is it possible that so many people unmasked on purpose because they knew someone was going to leak to the press and to cover for them everyone unmasked ?? it was a felony to leak the information to David Ignatius — and with so many targets it may be hard to find out who the leaker is in the administration

    1. Todd, see my question above. I think you & I have similar questions. Regarding your comment about Power, I would suggest the following, UnIess someone would correct me, my understanding is this: the act of unmasking is done by the person or agency in control of the document/information. The ppl in the list above technically didn’t unmask; rather, they requested the unmasking. If they then reveal that to others e.g. the media, that’s not a further incidence of unmasking; that’s simply revealing the information. So, I’m not sure about the actual verbatim question & Power’s testimony under oath you’re referring to, but I would suggest that — under the assumption that my understanding above is correct — if she had been asked “did you unmask?”, she could answer “no” & evade any perjury, b/c technically that’s correct. Believe me; I’m not making excuses for her or any of them who may have also denied under oath, or may in future. Apparently unmasking isn’t felonious, nor is making a request (or seven) for unmasking. Rather I think that they’ll only be in jeopardy depending on what they then did with the info.

  4. “Not a smiggion of scandal in my administration” ! Obama lied to O’Reilly in super bowl intermission interview – Qaddafi, Benghazi, Clinton emails, billions payoff to Iran gov’t., IRS and FBI, the “unmaskings”, the “Get Flynn” last 2 weeks of Obama administration, A.G. Holder contempt of Congress, “If you like your doctor ….” , “Fast and Furious”, legislating by “Presidential” decree, etc., etc…. ! – what a lying creep ! History will judge this amoral Obama and his administration 4th, 5th,or 6th worst presidents in U.S. History. His failed presidency will be on display for as long as our country functions.

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