Rosenstein’s role in the allegedly improper targeting of Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page

Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein

Then-Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein kept an investigation into a Trump campaign associate alive even though the allegations against him had been debunked.

That’s according to a report at Just the News.

The Trump campaign volunteer was Carter Page. Officials have now learned the FBI improperly wiretapped Page for a year, based on false information and allegations.

A newly declassified memo written by Rosenstein in August of 2017 instructed Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Page for supposedly colluding with Russia in the 2016 election. Yet the Justice Department and FBI had already learned the allegations against Page were not reliable and were driven by the Clinton campaign and Democratic National Committee.

Information about Rosenstein’s direction to Mueller was kept hidden until recently. Now numerous documents in the FBI and Justice Department’s efforts to target Trump in 2016…are finally being declassified.

Read more at Just the News below:

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8 thoughts on “Rosenstein’s role in the allegedly improper targeting of Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page”

  1. This should send chills up your spine regardless of your political affiliation. The most senior people charged with upholding the law threw it under a bus for purely political reasons. And of course, the culprits will face no consequences for their misdeeds.

    1. Many things should send chills up the spines of everyone, but don’t. Weaponizing the IRS, denying free exercise of faith and denying free exercise of speech among them.

  2. There is no doubt that John Solomon has been indispensable in digging and reporting this malfeasance against the people of the United States. Including Sara Carter (who often gets booked alongside him), there are few people who have worked more tirelessly to expose the seedy underbelly of the deep state apparatus assembled by the Bush(es)/Obama administrations. Remember, Mueller was FBI head just in time (imagine that) for 9/11. Having said all that, Brian Cates at the Epoch Times is doubling down on the assertion that Rod was an inside man, and the scope memo was bait for the dirty cops, just like the offer to wear a wire (which he may already have been wearing at the time). He points to Barr and Sessions giving him a truly warm and cordial sendoff at his public retirement party. He has a point – look at the ceremony for yourself. Are all these men acting?

    1. I like Brian, but he extrapolates way more than he should simply because he wants to believe Trump doesn’t make mistakes, and to his credit he wants to believe in the goodness of people (even when they aren’t good).

      I like Trump, but he makes mistakes..

  3. Thank God we still have real, honest-to- goodness Journalists like you, Sharyl! Those who chose to let their personal animus and hatred of “all things Trump” are nothing but a chancre on the face of American Journalism.

  4. How can this happen in America? This is the product of a media that is not cognizant of their importance and/or does not care about America. If the MSM does not defend the rule of law objectively, regardless of party, we have lost the USA. This is not about Democrats or Republicans it is about America. Difficult to believe that even Mr. Obama was in the mix.

    Sad times for our Country. Pray for a journalism renaissance. God bless America.

  5. If Rosenstein gets a pass from Barr/Durham that will be the canary in the coal mine. The rest will be sacrificial lambs to assuage the public. The real plotters and criminals will get a pass. No real justice just a Kabuki dance to protect the very, very Deep Globalist State. A worldwide group of dedicated leftists intent on diving up America. We are the last obstacle to their dreams. Trump has derailed the entire scheme with his MAGA ideas and America first plans. American citizens have been awakened to the covert groups plans.

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