SLANTED: Preorder my new book today!

Slanted: How the news media taught us to love censorship and hate journalism.

I consider this the third in a trilogy about the devolution of “the news” as we once knew it. First there was Stonewalled. Then, The Smear.

Now: pre-order “Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism” by Sharyl Attkisson at Harper Collins, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, IndieBound, Bookshop!

It’s coming out late November and is a great Christmas present for somebody who would like to learn more about today’s manipulated media landscape.

Support independent journalism. Fight media manipulation!

As always, a portion of the proceeds go to good journalism charitable causes.

Order “Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism” by Sharyl Attkisson today at Harper Collins, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, IndieBound, Bookshop!

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16 thoughts on “SLANTED: Preorder my new book today!”

  1. Sharyl, I preordered the hardcopy on Amazon and subscribed to a monthly donation. I admire your amazing fearlessness and courage. You are an inspiration to me. I share your work with everyone. God bless you!!!
    Dan Hoag

      1. when does it mail? I sent it to my brother — and waiting not too patiently. Great Reset is more and more likely. s-c-a-r-y

  2. You are what journalism use to be! Now, sadly, you’re rare. I am going to share your articles every chance I can and donate because without people like you the truth begins to evaporate.

  3. Franklin T. Livingston, EFO

    I pre-ordered my copy
    I have a suggestion for a new book and that is our USELESS politicians, military, DoD. DHS, etc ignoring two of our Founding Fathers and former presidents warnings identified in their letter dated March 28, 1786, that still exists today!

    Sen. Burr is a coward! I first contacted Sen. Burr’s office in 2008 when I learned about the firing of Stephen Coughlin, the DoD/JCS subject matter expert (SME) on Shariah/Islamic law during the Bush administration. After his firing he was asked to write a book, boy did he ever do so!
    Coughlin was removed simply because an Islamist/Muslim, Hersham Islam complained to “Gullible” Gordon England about the speeches Coughlin had been making and the analysis he wrote for the Holy Land Foundation trial in 2008. I never received a written reply so I called and talked with his Legislative Assistant Cynthia Ramos and explained what was happening and asked her to request Sen. Burr submit a letter to Sen. Burr requesting hearings on the Muslim Brotherhood and the firing of Coughlin and provide me a written response.
    Hesham Islam, a Muslim was a personal aide to Deputy Defense Secretary Gordon England and complained that Coughlin was a “Christian zealot with a pen” during a meeting, a slur rejected by Mr. Coughlin’s supporters. Coughlin was telling hard facts that could save military lives and help us win the war against jihadists. Hersham Islam protested Coughlin’s research made a connection between Islamic law and terror.

    On February 10, 2010, I received a call from Sen. Burr’s then-chief of staff Chris Joyner who is now the staff director of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence in which “RINO” Burr is the chairman! I asked him if Sen. Burr would request hearings by the Senate Armed Service Committee Subcommittee on Emerging Threats and Capabilities of which he was a member and I was told NO; it would not happen. When I asked why he just repeated, NO, it would not happen!

  4. Sharyl :

    At which point — in your battle
    with the Agency — are you going
    to suffer Torba’s Visa-credit-shun-
    ning punishment ? :

    You are in violation of the Patriot
    Act by even having the audacity
    to challenge the Agency’s spy
    tactics—as applied against you.

    Of course, this is SETTLED LAW :

    No “law” passed by Congress
    not in accord with the Constitution
    has lawful authority.

    The Patriot Act (( and subsidiary
    unconstitutional regulations )) is a
    smokescreen of illegality—but the
    public is too dumbed-down (( to
    include compliant attorneys and
    judges )) to know that.

    Do your attorneys know that, Sharyl?

    Only the amendment process can
    lawfully effect such draconian
    mandates, as set out in NEOCONS’
    9/11-effected A U T H O R I T A R I –
    I A N I S M.

    Change our rule-or-law Constitution
    —to impose draconian rules—by
    states’ A M E N D M E N T process.

    Do you know which Supreme Court
    case established the above FACT ? :

    M A R B A R Y v. M A D I S O N .

    Note this false opinion about that
    decision: that some government
    actions are exempt from the ruling.

    Really?—then why may VOTERS
    turn out rulers who had imposed,
    say, the Patriot Act (( a/k/a citizens’
    power in self-determination )), then
    defang the draconian rulers’ rules ?


    1. P.S.

      Ought the Agency be routing your
      page through its P R I S M software
      while in litigation with you ?

      Have you asked your attorney(s)
      about that ?

  5. Sharyl: Just pre-ordered a copy today. You are so spot on. I am President of a radio company and in the portfolio are ten news and talk stations. Our hourly news is with a major news source and for months now I have noted a shift to blue. I spoke with the ND and said, “”I’m concerned not about just content and the stacking of stories, but also the use of tone, pause, word emphasis by the “reporters” “(who believe in their hearts that they should be commentators). I then said to the ND that not only was I concerned about the competency of the hourly news but also the historic wire service that provided news content. His response to this was stunning and he proffered that he never thought he would see the day when he would had to tell his staff to “fact check” the wire service.”. I’m looking forward to receiving your book in a few weeks.


  6. Sharyl,

    Would you sign your book for my mother if I sent it to you? She is Gail Rumney in Castine, of the Castine Variety! She says you are still as beautiful as when you used to come into the store!

  7. I wish you’d make your books available (with the discounts for best sellers) on a platform other than A… since they dropped P … I have tried to avoid them, but to get your 3 books I could not. THANKS for standing strong! Hopefully, we will have some justice … someday! Giving 12 months probation for the ONLY one held to account for a coup … it is a sad world. I endured my kids’ intervention for going against the msm talking points. It is miserable, but I have hope because of people like you!

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