The Donald J. Trump interview — and behind the scenes! (PODCAST)

Behind the scenes info about my interview with President Trump. Also the uncut version of the first half of the interview.

President Trump talks about “breaking” the Deep State, taking hydroxycholorquine to prevent coronavirus, when “sports” is coming back, whether churches should violate state guidelines and reopen, and who tweets for him. And find out which question stumped him so much, he was near silent for six full seconds.

Watch the video version here:

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9 thoughts on “The Donald J. Trump interview — and behind the scenes! (PODCAST)”

  1. Sharyl–I found this interview to be disappointing, as most interviews with him are. Your questions were for the most part real ‘softballs’, however, I really appreciated your reflections on how you prepared and the justifications for how you handled it. It affirms my opinion that you remain the honest journalist I met when we were both advisors for the College of Journalism at UF many years ago.

    Because he is without moral compass and only exists to persuade you and everyone else how wonderful he is, and what an incredible and fantastic leader he is, there is no real value in his answers. There is no real reflection on how what he is saying relates to the truth or the real facts, so, unfortunately I think you basically wasted your time and only gave him the opportunity to continue to mislead, obfuscate, insult, and lie. Nonetheless, it is a real tribute to you for having this opportunity, however fruitless it’s outcome.

    1. Golly … without moral compass ?? Sounds like your speaking about Comey, McCabe, obama, Nadler, Schiff , Pelosi and Schumer

    2. Its very telling how you comment that Sharyl asked softball questions yet inject your personal opinions of Trump. No moral compass, no reflection by Trump to the truth etc.

      Your comments shows exactly the implicit bias which so many American see the press has against our President with their reporting. Yet, you and others in the press dont call out Biden, cover for Obama on spying and a whole host of other valid issues in the public interest.

      I have followed Sharyl for years. In my opinion, she is one of the very few in the press who reports unbiased and doesnt interject her personal politics into her reporting. You would be wise to follow her example in your reporting and in you comments here and on other venues.

    3. “without moral compass”

      I shouldn’t be surprised, but I am, always, when a journalist uses this language on ideological enemies, but never on their ideological allies, like Bill or Hillary Clinton, for one example.

    4. Larry you are up too late to give this interview a fair shot. If President Obama had promoted hydroxcholorquine he would have been hailed as a miracle worker. However President Trump promotes it then the drug and Trump are vilified. Interestingly remdesivir didn’t do as well and has a lot more financial interest vs the very inexpensive hydroxcholorquine. Its clear the mainstream media is hostile to President Trump by the ongoing bashing and media leaks creating stories to bring him down. I recall when Obama was in office they asked what was his favorite flavor of ice cream..”vanilla”. But never asked him where he was during the Bengahzi attack on our embassy. You also recall Candy Crawley provided cover for Obama at a presidential debate with the snake Romney. So Trump fights back, loves this country and has handled the pressure of the last 3.5 years with courage grace and humor.
      So orange man not bad.

    5. Great, lol “advisors for the College of Journalism” Sounds like you’ve contributed to the dismal public opinion on journalism today.

      Thank you Sharyl for your professional reporting!

  2. please tell me about the table lamp in the background of the recent interview with President Trump.
    It really intrigues.

    Carol Smith, Portland Oregon

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