Could cats and dogs spark a second coronavirus wave?

The following is an excerpt from an article in The Daily Mirror in the United Kingdom.

Cats and dogs could be carrying coronavirus which could spark a second wave of the killer bug experts have warned.

Pet owners in the UK are being urged to get their much loved furry ones tested amid fears they can contract the virus, incubate it and pass it on to humans.

This puts the country at risk of a fresh outbreak even if coronavirus has been wiped out in humans, it’s claimed. 

There have been conflicting reports since the pandemic began about whether pets pose any coronavirus risk or not.

Now researchers from University College London want a mass surveillance programme of all animals that live close to humans.

Professor Joanne Santini wants more research into which animals are susceptible to Covid-19 and increased testing. (Continued…)

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3 thoughts on “Could cats and dogs spark a second coronavirus wave?”

  1. This article from a UK tabloid newspaper ‘The Mirror’ regarding cats and dogs sparking a second wave is alarmist and could lead to people killing companion animals, as they did in China when this was suggested. A better link could be the story from titled – ” Scientists Warn About COVID-19 Transmission to Animals – Including Pets and Livestock.” This item makes it clear that transmission in animals is not established and authors are calling for more research. It also includes a link to the original Lancet Microbe item.

    1. I agree. As a Brit (ex-pat) and journalist, I would never go near most UK tabloids. Furthermore, after the Surgisphere/HCQ fraudulent report published by Richard Horton, I wouldn’t go near anything Lancet publishes until that man has left the medical journal. I always used the publication as a Bible for reporting on health, no more. Additionally, when Horton uses his platform to tell Americans not to vote for Trump, it is wrong to use his power at The Lancet to garner such attention.
      I think your blog is brilliant but don’t understand this piece. And the hysteria surrounding Covid alone added now to animals will only make the situation worse with people who don’t own pets.

  2. I will NEVER let anyone touch my kitty babies for a wuflu test, EVER!! They are perfectly fine, husband and I are fine, there is no need. If someone comes knocking, they will be very sorry they stopped here! (verbal only)

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