How narratives have warped journalism as we once knew it (PODCAST)

How journalism as we once knew it has been warped by efforts to control the narrative. 

Special interests have successfully limited the parameters of what can be discussed and reported on the news and the result is that too often we violate the basic tenets of good journalism. 

How does this come into play with reporting on George Floyd’s death?
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10 thoughts on “How narratives have warped journalism as we once knew it (PODCAST)”

  1. I really like your reporting…like the old Cronkite days. You are the Only journalist I trust for truth. Thank you.

    1. S Gildry:

      Cronkite?—not so much, as he had cleverly helped the communist Left advance the propaganda and military interests of communist North Vietnam—against U.S. vital interests. // Some years after retirement, he boldly admitted to being a closeted leftist ( a/k/a: communist )! // He had employed voice intonations/inflections, eye and facial movements, incorrect body counts, anti-American picture-placements, and he had LIED about America having lost in the North’s Tet Offensive (( the U.S. had WON – overwhelmingly so !!! – and our Marxian MSM LIES about that to this very day ))—in order to demoralize the populace and America’s war efforts; efforts at halting advancing COMMUNISM, which TREASON on his and left-wing MSM’s part – and of America’s communists in Hollywood and Washington and academe – had effected Pol Pot’s mass murder of a million, or so, souls in Cambodia, and resulted in installation of suffocating, brutal totalitarianism in Vietnam.

      Cronkite was a very bad man—and jumping-jack journalist.

      Sharyl is no Cronkite.

      Semper Fi,

      — USMC: In Vietnam, 68/69 //
      arrived a few weeks after Tet //
      stationed at CUA Viet //
      at the mouth of the CUA Viet
      river // 3rd Marine Amtrak
      Battalion // just a few clicks
      below the DMZ —


  2. You are one of the last and best journalists left. The others are just opinion reporting. Keep up the great work.

  3. Would it be that you and your ilk were still on the air doing the work of bringing FACTS ONLY to the public. Our nation is devolving right before our eyes mainly because of the MSM’s bias and prejudices!!

    1. Dominic:

      Why not refer to MSM as “Marxian MSM,”
      in order to more perfectly identify their
      grounding IDEOLOGY?

      Those Deep State actors are Bolshevik/
      Menshevik revolutionaries (( read, “The
      House of Government,” re the utterly
      terrifying savagery of Russia’s experiment
      with Bolshevism—making left-wing Nazis
      appear the less savage leftists; i.e., compare
      Nazis’ body count – 7 or 8 million – to Com-
      munists’: 20-million or more ))..

      Find an encyclopedia, and read the
      definitions of the above terms.


  4. James Stroehlein

    It can take a lot to stand up? Wake up!
    There are 18 yr olds being shot at in various non- wars.
    You say it takes a lot, I say journos have no backbones.

  5. Warped journalism is a great way to describe today’s news reporting, whether it’s in the newspapers, on an internet site, or on the TV networks. I’m not a professional journalist, but I had worked for a few years on my college newspaper in the mid 1970’s as a Copy Desk Editor, and Reporter/Writer. I wrote news articles, did theater reviews, interviewed professors. I even did what might be called investigative news reporting. I took Journalism class in high school, was an English Major in college, so I’ve had a view of journalism form a certain perspective. What you are saying is correct, in that in my opinion the journalistic standards that existed in the past have deteriorated-so much so that the journalism “standards” now for stories are so different that it’s almost like they have evolved into a completely different genre. I’d even go a step further-I was taught that every news story should address the following-the who, what, when, where, why and how-and all those items need to be covered objectively in the first paragraph of any story. Often one cannot get to the actual news “facts” until the 18th paragraph of a story. Today’s news stories are nothing more than opinions written by people who are pushing an agenda, often controlled by their boss who is a Producer or an Editor. Television and Internet news are by far the worst, since their goal is to be “the first,” and often the story itself have no facts at all but merely regurgitates a tweet or video. I liked the podcast and you bring up some great points.

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