Internet secrets: control and manipulation of information (PODCAST)

Organized efforts to clamp down on the free flow of info online are increasing.

In today’s podcast we’ll look at some techniques you might not have heard about…used to control and manipulate what you see and hear.

Read more here: Six secret ways they control information online and in the news
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5 thoughts on “Internet secrets: control and manipulation of information (PODCAST)”

  1. I Remember Listserve and Ezra Kline that formed a conspiracy of some 400 liberal journalists, academics, and political activists to brainstorm and collaborate among themselves
    During the 2008 presidential campaign, Journolist members secretly colluded to discredit and ignore stories that had the potential to harm Barack Obama’s bid for the White House. Founded in February 2007 by the Washington Post’s liberal blogger/columnist Ezra Klein, Journolist was an online listserve consisting of some 400 self-described liberals mostly journalists, but also some professors and political activists. Journolist functioned essentially as a secret society of email communications, where members could compare sources, share information, discuss their thoughts on current events, and coordinate the way they reported on certain stories all off the record. Conservatives were barred from joining the group. The conspiracy is ongoing, the collaboration between liberal media outlets attacking Trump is obvious

  2. The usual suspects as you call them gaslight America. Gas-lighting is a CRUEL liberal tactic of mental and psychological ABUSE in which false information is presented with the intent of making victims doubt their own memory, perception, and sanity.

  3. Perhaps you remember when both Bill Clinton and George Bush signed off on allowing the media to eat the little guys to form huge media conglomerates. The one world govt rich & powerful wanted more wealth and power. And we see the end results

  4. It’s obvious to me that the conglomerates must be broken up. They should be required to spin off news organizations. It might work, or it might not, but what we have now is not working.

  5. Thanks Sharyl for more exceptional reporting. If only 1% of the MSM were so responsible and interested in doing actual investigative reporting. What to do though? The current situation reminds me of the religious orthodoxies that have made so much of history so hellish. The ‘Left’ has a lock on most of the organs of information, is ruthlessly orthodoxy to their world view, and burns all heretics. Sure it is fun when they start eating themselves, but similar things happened when religions ruled the world and the average person was still oppressed. What to do?.

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