Patrick Underwood: Another tragic, unjust death

As many in the nation mourn the death of suspect George Floyd after a Minneapolis police officer kneeled on his neck for nearly nine minutes, the violent aftermath is claiming more victims.

One of them is 53-year-old Patrick Underwood.

Underwood, a federal officer, was on duty during the riots in Oakland California, when someone drove up in a car and fired shots out of the window at him and another officer, who was injured.

A friend who did not want to be identified, released this quote, “Patrick was one of the kindest souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. A man full of empathy and compassion whose smile would light up a room. Humbleness and humility were his two greatest assets. The world needs him and more like him, especially in these troubling times.”

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11 thoughts on “Patrick Underwood: Another tragic, unjust death”

  1. The latest update from Varney is Newsom doesn’t want his murder blamed on rioters. He must blame the guys with the white pointy hats. RIP Mr.Underwood,you will be remembered,here at least.

  2. The pillar of society Mr. Floyd died of a fentanyl overdose in front of your eyes He was not killed with the knee he had all the symptoms before he died…. symptoms of Fentanyl Overdose
    Fentanyl overdoses can be deadly, A person overdosing on fentanyl may present with the following overdose signs and symptoms…………………………… Pinpoint pupils.
    Weak muscles.He kept falling on the street Cops said they thought he was doing on purpose
    Confusion. In store were he passed the bad 20 witlessness said he very confused
    Extreme sleepiness.
    Loss of consciousness.
    Profoundly slowed heart beat.
    Very low blood pressure.
    Dangerously slowed or stopped breathing. I can’t breath Mr. Floyd said many times
    Bluish tint to nails and lips. The effects that a fentanyl overdose have on the user’s heart rate and breathing present the biggest risk of death or permanent damage. Even if a user survives a fentanyl overdose, these side effects may leave a lasting mark on the user’s body if not treated immediately. For example, respiratory depression can lead to hypoxia, which can cause permanent brain damage and or death…. you should wait for facts before you burn your city down.

    1. All of this makes sense; still, 8+ minutes of a knee on a neck is NOT acceptable and the arrogant, totally devoid expression of any concern whatsoever is NOT to be tolerated under any circumstances … George Floyd was not a threat to any while laying prone, face down and handcuffed behind his back ….

  3. You took my comment down about the toxicology report that Mr. Floyd had Fentanyl and meth in his system and had a possible overdose…. He had all the symptoms OF THAT OVERDOSE… I know this an unpopular position of which you have taken many times… It is sad ,,,,that when the truth comes out you are not there……. I thought you better than that Sharyl Attkisson…. BUT ARE MORE FAKE MEDIA were the truth die’s

  4. Having a well thought out reply, that is coherent, would be great Mr. John U Says. Unfortunately, what your reply suggests is conjecture. My suspicion is that your outrage comes from a racial (or some other demographic) mistrust. Whatever the case may be, you were not there, and you could not get those details from a short video.
    Your opinion matters, but it is not fact. Collect yourself and refrain from insulting others. Hiding anonymously behind a computer screen blasting out rhetoric may make you feel righteous, but you are doing a disservice to your peers.

  5. I’d like to know where you got all your information….how do know know he had a “profoundly slowed heart beat”, “very low blood pressure”, “dangerously slowed breathing”. YOU DON’T KNOW THAT….you can’t possibly know that. Mr. Floyd was killed by thos officers. But for you to say you know these were the man’s symptoms of his death BEFORE HE DIED is ludicrous. The medical blood tests would ABSOLUTELY INDICATE that his death was a fentanyl overdose no ifs, ands, or buts, but they’re not saying that. They are misleading people into believing he O.D.’d, knowing full well that the majority of US aren’t aware of those highly technical, sophisticated blood tests. Therefore, with all due respect, sir, I beg to disagree with you. But I DO AGREE with you about Fentanyl, it is (allegedly) a very dangerous drug. AND I too AM happy Sharyl has put your posts back up!!!

    1. WAIT FOR DUE PROCESS AND ALL THE FACTS before you burn down your city…THAT ALL I AM SAYING….. sometimes the truth is unpopular but facts are facts you must put apart your feelings because feeling are not facts …..The optics look bad.. BUT .. ASK ANY magician he will tell you….that can not trust your eyes…. This is what I mean…. NOT THE PRESSURE OF THE KNEE IS WHY he died ..but an overdose of fentanyl. He was upright standing next to the police car …saying “I can’t breathe “many times before he was put on the floor…. What mean by bad optics is …..IT’S LIKE IF YOU WALK INTO YOUR BOSSES OFFICE…HE IS DEAD ON THE FLOOR FROM A KNIFE WOUND… YOU PICK UP THE KNIFE ..AT THAT MOMENT THE POLICE BURST IN …….. OPTICS LOOK BAD BUT YOU ARE INNOCENT.. THIS OFFICER could have had his knee on his neck and he overdoses right at that moment.

  6. Patrick Underwood’s death is ANOTHER example that BLM’s narrative, so it doesn’t garner any attention at all. It is Another result of the collateral damage caused by the hysterical BLM reaction to these incidences that they pick and choose so they can wreak havoc on the world. So now they are insisting that if you are white you must kneel before them or they will ruin your life. It’s nauseating.

  7. Gordon SAUNDERS

    Thus goes the continuing progressive tyrannical’ attacks against humanity, with the media goons in the lead.

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