READ: Minneapolis police rules on using neck restraint to render suspect unconscious

Read the Minneapolis Police Department policy in effect at the time now ex-Officer Derek Chauvin used a neck restraint on suspect George Floyd for nearly nine minutes.

Floyd died reportedly shortly after the encounter.

Chauvin has been arrested and charged with second-degree manslaughter and second-degree murder. His bail is set at one million dollars.

PODCAST: Listen to why the George Floyd case might not be open and shut. Click here.

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16 thoughts on “READ: Minneapolis police rules on using neck restraint to render suspect unconscious”

  1. THANK YOU FOR THE TRUTH Sharyl…..I AM TRY TO GET PEOPLE TO YOUR WEBSITE and your podcasts … SO THEY WILL KNOW THE FACTS OF THIS CASE …..SO MANY MISINFORMED PEOPLE. I believe they are deliberately LIE TO BY mainstream media … People need the facts and have no were to turn ……PLEASE, EVERYONE. WAIT FOR DUE PROCESS….. justice’s wheel turns slowly for a reason ..We must get these things right…OPTICS CAN BE deceiving… We must not let our feelings run justice… we must run on FACTS…….feeling are not facts …Every magician will tell you the hand is quicker than the eye …Your eyes will fool you …the optics are bad here …let us find the truth AGAIN , THANK YOU SHARYL

  2. “By only applying light to moderate pressure”….it doesn’t actually specify “don’t use your knee” now does it? UN-frickin’-BELIEVABLE.It is really scary reading this because it may just get this Chauvin punk off the hook for 2nd Degree Murder. What is the difference between “active and passive” resistance? Because George was pleading for his life, actively…..could that be twisted to favor Chauvin’s actions? Because one of them was “an officer in training” could that be misconstrued? This whole case has a potential to cause the destruction of our nation ultimately. Perhaps no matter what the outcome of a trial is BLMers will never be satisfied. The longer it takes to go to trial, the more time “they” have to gear up for a potential Armageddon. God help us all.

    1. And he could have had a heart attack … He was on fentanyl adverse effects THAT may increase the risk of respiratory depression and death … AND THE KNEE had nothing to do with his death at all…. now what ? if he was trained to do this….its says it (non lethal )) . is it his AT fault or is the state of Minnesota at fault that sent him for that training.. ….LOOKS LIKE EVERYBODY JUMP THE GUN ..HE DIDN’T PURPOSELY KILL THIS MAN….. HE THOUGHT HE WAS RESTRAINING HIM SAFE and in a NON-LETHAL WAY ….

  3. Chauvin may hide behind this regulation, but any scrutiny will expose him as applying it with malicious intent. Those two seemed to share some history, somewhere, and this may hold the answer to that mysterious motive for killing Floyd. What Chauvin did was indefensible.

    1. This guy guy died of a heart attack ,,, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE .you can admit when you are wrong …wait for the due process this is rush to judgment. YOU PEOPLE ARE SICK


    2. I don’t know it the officer acted with malicious intent or not. But it must be great to have the ability to read a persons mind and know the answer to this question and know the truth. But then this is why we have a legal system and require the state to prove beyond reasonable doubt. So my bet is he will also “hide behind” his Constitutional right. He should be stripped of those don’t you think?

      1. Well I guess your reading his mind. You don’t know his intent your inferring from watching a partial video. He had the right to restrain.

  4. If Mr Floyd had been resisting, Derek Chauvin may not have been punished. The lack of that one detail caused one man to die and may well end a second’s in prison,

  5. Oh, well. It all makes great theater. I like watching liberal cities burn. If blm, antifa and big liberal cities annihilate each other, there may be a chance for the rest of us.

    I know, i know. Right now you are saying that my feeling is awful, terrible. etc.
    But if either big liberal cities or the blm antifa nexus continue to exist in their present form, there is no hope for the rest of us and to think otherwise is DELUSIONAL. The politicians get down on their knees and bow to these people even as the thugs are burning and looting and taking over cities and setting up warlords.

    Seriously, a person really needs to self examine their belief system if they think there is any other way to rid ourselves of this debacle other than letting our two opponents destroy each other.

  6. I believe that the USA should adopt the UK model. The media in that country is not to report on any ongoing case until the verdict. Convicting someone in a court of public opinion is a modern-day lynching. The media is playing judge, jury, and lawyer. They can taint the jury pool and also give one side an advantage in a court of law. The media in America is about ratings and promoting an agenda without accountability. That is not justice in my opinion.

    Officers in Mr. Floyd’s case were concerned about Excited Delirium. We should talk about this as many police officers run into this on their job.
    This is the report of the Excited Delirium (ExDS) Task Force established by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) to determine whether such a syndrome is a disease entity, the characteristics that help identify the presentation and risk for death of those having the syndrome, as well current and emerging methods of control and treatment.,as%20well%20current%20and%20emerging

  7. John U….take it easy….nobody is attacking you for stating your opinion. You’re right nobody knows for sure how this will turn out. You yourself are “rushing to judgement” claiming Mr. Floyd died of a heart attack because he allegedly had Fentanyl in his system. Was it a lethal dose? As far as we know, there has been no report it was a lethal dose. Did Jeffrey Epstein kill himself? I don’t think so. But I’m pretty sure his heart stopped beating due to lack of the flow of blood to it.

    1. I am not saying he is innocent… I have been saying since the beginning the same thing what Sheryl has been saying” this is not that open and shut case” the pope the president said this man is guilty… NO one said lets wait for due process…… They said he is guilty Because of the optics….. not the facts …MR. CRUMP stands to make millions He bought and paid for coroner Dr. Boden WHO HAS made millions disputing fact of other corner’s for these ambulance chaser attorneys …. The media want to get rid of Trump and hopes he will makes a miss step…. They ARE. waiting like vulture’s ….The far left prosecutor overcharged THESE OFFICERS on purpose…. The democrat’s and the far left want a second wave of riots ..MORE POWER FOR THE LEFT …THEY HAVE MADE A BILLION OF DOLLARS .intimating ..cooperate donors.. that don’t want to look like they racist’s. the AL Sharpton hustle.. Feeding the evil that will destroy THEM because it is never satisfied . They made being a racist a crime worse then murder…. You have (KAREN’S )LIKE THE S.S. IN NAZI’S GERMANY ALL OVER LISTENING FOR SOMEONE TO SAY THE (N) word ..or they think they we are having racist’s thought’s… So they can HAVE THEM LOSE their JOB…..WE HAVE ANTIFA . WHO suppose to against fascists’ who CNN said are good people they ACT LIKE THE BROWN SHIRTS IN NAZI’S GERMANY WHO WERE fascists’….. IT NUTS.!….. EGGING TRUMP.. TO HAVE SHOTS FIRED into a crowd of so called “peaceful demonstrator’s ” that are REALLY JUST rioter’s and communists.. Anything to disrupt the Trump Presidency. even if it causes death… THE MEDIA is truly Satan’s tongue. More death destruction from their fake news stories….. I AM JUST SICK OF IT ALL……. I FEEL LIKE I AM IN ….bazar-o WORLD

  8. I DON’T BELIEVE THE….. BADEN …autopsy either .. this dr. Baden was fired by mayor Koch in nyc for To this day,” Mr. Morgenthau said, ”I do not understand why it took 10 months to deliver that report to us.” The District Attorney acknowledged that Dr. Baden, now deputy medical examiner of Suffolk County, was a qualified forensic expert, but he added that ”I had serious questions about his judgment.”Mayor Koch dismissed Dr. Baden in July 1979 on the basis of complaints about him, including a letter from Mr. Morgenthau. The Mayor is expected to testify later in the civil trial, which began last week in Federal District Court in Manhattan.
    Replying to questions by Dr. Baden’s lawyer, Robert K. Tannenbaum, Mr. Morgenthau repeated complaints that he had made in a five-page letter to the Mayor three years ago. He said Dr. Baden’s office had lost important evidence in homicide cases. ‘Practice Was Extremely Sloppy’

  9. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    Neck restraint? Pressure here and pressure there? Back up a few minutes. George Floyd had the unfortunate experiences of taking rides in several police cars. He was a convicted criminal who used violence to take what was not his. For unknown reasons Mr. Floyd left Texas and came to Minnesota to find a new life. Great! Recently two police officers outside Minnesota were convicted for their failure to properly transport a drunk person who was apparently stuffed into a space inside a vehicle that was too small resulting in another death at the hands of police. Is there a significant pattern that has yet to be dealt with concerning the vehicles the police are forced to use? Has anyone considered the likely probability that if the police were provided with vehicles that were designed to transport criminals and drunks, the Floyd death and many many others may never have occurred? Face the facts – The governments that oversee the purchase of police vehicles have failed. Why can’t Detroit make a police car that meets the qualifications necessary for an arrestee to simply sit down, instead of the current methods police are forced to use which in many cases results in the police being required to forcibly place a large person into a small space? The Floyd case would never have occurred if the police were given the proper tools and vehicles to perform their duties. Once again the government in its silly wastefull style has failed to properly design a vehicle for safe and proper use, and the world was lit on fire because of it. The Floyd case is a geometric failure to understand the age old problem of trying to shove a round peg into a square hole. Rocket science? NOT.

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