Two city officials among those charged in mail-in ballot voter fraud scheme in New Jersey

Michael Jackson (left) and Alex Mendez
  • Paterson 1st Ward Councilman Michael Jackson, along with 3rd Ward Councilman-elect Alex Mendez are charged, along with two other New Jersey residents.
  • Charges include unauthorized possession of ballots, election fraud, falsifying or tampering with records, and tampering with public records.

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Four New Jersey residents have been charged in a recent mail-in voter fraud case, with state’s attorney general accusing them of multiple crimes including voting fraud, tampering with public records and unauthorized possession of multiple vote-by-mail ballots. 

Fraud allegations have plagued the recent Paterson City Council special election in New Jersey, with three losing candidates last month demanding a recount after thousands of ballots were voided in the largely mail-in race. 

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal announced Thursday that four people, one of them a Paterson city councilman and another a councilman-elect, have been charged with committing fraud during that election. 

Grewal said the state would “not allow a small number of criminals to undermine the public’s confidence in our democratic process.”

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The upcoming July 7 primary will be mostly done by mail-in ballots, as was the May 12 election.

Also charged are: Shelim Khalique and Abu Razyen.

Shelim Khalique
Abu Rayzen

The suspects who have commented have denied any wrongdoing.

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8 thoughts on “Two city officials among those charged in mail-in ballot voter fraud scheme in New Jersey”

  1. We can’t expect anything honorable from the left. It’s death by a thousand cuts just having them in the country with us.

  2. Always fraud with these types. SCOTUS ruled time stop mail in voting in TX. Hope scotus rules against mail in voting everywhere! Trouble waiting to happen!

  3. John J, Ferreiro

    Sharyl Attkisson, when I try to open your Email articles a message appears warning me not to open because of dangers. This is the first one I was able to open without warnings. Are you aware of this? What should I do?

  4. I didn’t leave the democratic party, the party left me. My generation, Vietnam War , died fighting for freedom. This patriot won’t willingly vote them in.

  5. I listened to you on Glenn Beck today. It is refreshing to see balanced reporting. Thank you so very much!!

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