Univ. of Memphis closes its Communist Chinese-funded Confucius Institute

The University of Memphis has closed its Confucius Institute.

Confucius Institutes, funded by the communist Chinese, have become a controversial staple at many of America’s colleges and universities.

Critics, including Senators Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee), consider the Institutes a threat to national security. They say China has successfully gotten its nose under the tent of America’s educational institutions through the Institutes.

To learn more about Confucius Institutes, watch our Full Measure investigation: https://fullmeasure.news/news/cover-story/confucius-institutes

Chinese officials have recently been documented pressuring faculty at U.S. universities that host Confucius Institutes to avoid making statements or holding events on politically sensitive topics. Chinese teachers at these institutes sign contracts with the Government of China pledging not to damage their national interests. Such limitations attempt to export China’s censorship of political debate and reduce academic freedom.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.)

In the letter below, “Hanban” refers to Confucius Institute Headquarters, a public institution affiliated with the Chinese Ministry of Education.

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7 thoughts on “Univ. of Memphis closes its Communist Chinese-funded Confucius Institute”

  1. Confucius centers A N D motherboards, Sharyl :

    “A significant example [[ of China’ PLA impenetration of
    America ]] is the motherboards in the computers and
    servers of major corporations, government agencies
    and the U.S. military.”

    -from “China: The Grand Illusion That Deceived The World,”
    by H. Richard Austin; page 142 (2019)

    He might be a good interview.

    I began warning about China’s future threat in 1993
    —warning all movers and shakers among conserva-
    tives, but to no avail.

    Limbaugh’s short-sighted response? :

    “Let somebody else get their hands dirty making things.”


    1. P.S., Sharyl:

      That profoundly, stupidly, recklessly pandering
      Boris Johnson!—to invite 3-million Hong Kong
      citizens to Great Britain? :


      Oh, he’s really, really gonna teach Communist
      China’s leadership a tough, stark lesson ! ! ! ?

      Ponder this:

      PLA men disguised as HK citizens penetrating,
      then toppling, GB’s already Tower-of-Babel multi-
      racialism—to complete the underlying purpose
      of China’s Belt-and-Road initiative, as an
      I N V A S I ON route to Europe.

      Leftism has made of Great Britain a SOCIAL /


  2. The moral philosophy of Confucius, Mencius, Lao Tsu, Sun Tsu have
    remained unchanged for thousands of years because the techniques they
    suggest we apply to organize society, are timeless.

    Two thousand years later, China is nearer than ever to achieving
    Datong, a moderately prosperous unified society where nobody wants for
    food or shelter. And a Xiaokang society, where the people can leave
    the doors to their homes unlocked without fear.

    In 2011 Prime Minister Wen described described a xiaokang society as
    one in which ‘no one is poor and everyone receives an education, has
    paid employment, more than enough food and clothing, access to medical
    services, old-age support, a home and a comfortable life’.

    I have attached a copy of the relatively recent text “Qunshu Zhiyao-
    Governing Principles of Ancient China”, published circa 600AD. I
    assure you that it contains none of the toxic values that you see
    portrayed on your TV every day.

    Unlike the practices we acquired from our Judeo old Testament, the
    ancient Chinese thinkers abhored revenge, war, usury, genocide, greed,
    envy and mass rape.

    On those grounds alone, the lessons offered by China’s Confucius
    Institutes are well worth teaching our young.

    1. Xi JinPing is dictator for life. He put 1.3 million Uighurs in Re-education Camps. He broke a deal ans crushed self government in Hong Kong. He has put 400 people there in prison for life for protesting. He uses selfish economic policies to oppress small countries in the Third World. 光复香港 ??

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