WATCH: Video of incident that led to Atlanta police chief resignation

(Please be advised the video may be upsetting to some viewers.)


New surveillance video has been released of the moment Atlanta police fatally shot 27-year-old Rayshard Brooks in the parking lot of a Wendy’s restaurant.

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields steps down as Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms calls for the termination of the officer involved in the incident.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation released video that appears to show the suspect turning toward a police officer and firing a taser before the officer shot Brooks.

Mayor Bottoms says there will be debate about whether it was appropriate use of deadly force. However, she says the city needs to go in a new direction with law enforcement.

Watch the story and video below:

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10 thoughts on “WATCH: Video of incident that led to Atlanta police chief resignation”

  1. When I went though firearms training and use-of-force lectures, I learned that policy withing American L-E organizations is that ANYTHING deployed by a suspect that can incapacitate an officer (OC, ERD, taser, baton, brick, blade, etc.) justifies deadly use of force, since it is assumed that the suspect s attempting to grain access to the officer’s sidearm.

    Will reason prevail in this case? I doubt it, since the Marxist-controlled LeftStream EneMedia will control the necessary Soviet-style dezinformatsiya to force the prosecution of the surviving officer.

  2. I was watching Fox News when this happened, and continued to watch through the second half of Watter’s World, Judge Janine, the Greg Gutfield (w/o Greg). It was pretty clear what happened. As they all explained….the Police were called to check on a man who apparently, (or allegedly) fell asleep at the wheel in the fast food pick up window line. From the reports they were getting from some witnesses, the officers did not have the guy do a field DUI test. No big deal. You can usually tell if someone is shit-faced drunk by the smell of alcohol of their breath. Anyway, I went to see how CNN, MSNBC were reporting the incident ( which I do to get perspective on “the spin” so I can form my own opinion)….LO AND BEHOLD….it was downright outrageous. Not only did they have a half an hour of three guys (lawyers?) giving their “professional opinions” of how the case will be handled with the officers executed as a final justice for all scenario….the “anchor” for MSNBC ( not so much CNN but still misleading) was reporting the incident as ” two Atlanta COPS just killed a black man who was sleeping in his car. AND THAT’S HOW RIOTS GET STARTED. I knew it was bad ehen I heard even my husband gasp along with me.

  3. I think the Police Chief was already contemplating “stepping down” after six officers were fired for use of excessive force involving the two college kids being “brutally tazed”. It’s a thankless job, to be sure.

  4. Come on. Don’t you always go to Wendy’s drunk, fall asleep in line, fAil sobriety test, resist arrest, Steal taser from cop, run away and fire taser at cop? It’s a clean and justified neutralization if suspect. Burning Wendy’s just a typical response to cover for guilty suspect. Black community needs to take title to their own problems.

  5. The Blaze broadcast the full body cam and the interaction of the Arresting officer and Rayshard Brooks. Any reasonable person would have to conclude that the cop performed extremely well and politely with a guy who was obviously drunk. CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and NPR only broadcast edited versions that support their blatant lies. And they will get away with it unfortunately.

  6. So this guy was really drunk and removed a taser from one of the officers in a scuffle, got loose and was running away. The perpetrator turns and fires the taser (not life threatening!), hits one officer who goes down. The video doesn’t show how or why the perp was killed?!

    Why didn’t the other officer use similar force by using his taser on the perp while he was running?

    The totally unnecessary conduct of the perp is EXACTLY why Black’s find themselves profiled and pre-judged in these encounters by police!

    However, it’s my opinion cops also need to be trained far more extensively than they are for these kinds of encounters. Too many cops simply “freak out” and totally loose control of situations like this, Sure it costs more. But when has that stopped governments from spending money they don’t have?!

    From what I saw (need more information), I agree with the mayor that deadly force was NOT warranted!

  7. So, after viewing the Police Body Cam footage I can’t figure out why this guy took off running. One sec he was cooperating the next second he’s trying to beat up two cops (and winning)….then he wrenches the taser (sp?) from the officer’s hands, runs away but stops, turns around and fires it at the officer who appears to be a little more than 6ft away. What is supposed to happen at that point? Is the officer supposed to put his hands up….surrender? The first video shows the other officer taking cover behind a car that is in the drive through line behind Brooks’ car. The lawyers that were on TV talking for half an hour about the incident, lied about the field sobriety test, saying “several witnesses” said it didn’t happen. Relying on witness reports that refute the video evidence is what got us to this point in the first place…remember “HANDS UP, DON’T SHOOT”? That turned out to be the LIE OF THE DECADE and still be used to this day by BLM.

  8. It could of just as easily had been the cops gun he got ahold of and fired at the cops ? Then we wouldn’t even be having this conversation?

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