Who’s been forced to resign for their comments after George Floyd’s death?

The following is an excerpt from JustTheNews.com.

In the wake of protests following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, America has made it clear that it has no tolerance for racism, either in the board room or in our communities.

In the past two weeks, there’s been a wildfire of resignations from community and business leaders ignited by the national conversation around race.

Some have resigned of their own accord to make way for new leadership. Others have been forced to step aside, after making controversial statements or who have had past actions scrutinized under a fast-changing set of standards.  Others still were simply trying to ensure viewpoints of all sides were being heard. 

Here’s a list of who’s out and why. 

New York Times Opinion Editor James Bennet: Bennet resigned June 7 after he signed off on an editorial to be published in the newspaper by GOP Sen.Tom Cotton.  Cotton wrote that the military should be sent in to quell the protests. NY Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger said the paper “concluded that James would not be able to lead the team through the next leg of change that is required.” Bennet declined to comment.

Crossfit CEO Greg Glassman: Glassman stepped down June 9 after posting several comments on Twitter, criticizing a statement from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation calling racism a public health issue by responding ‘Floyd-19.  (Continued…)

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10 thoughts on “Who’s been forced to resign for their comments after George Floyd’s death?”

  1. Wasn’t it revealed that they were more videos available it seems to me that’s that’s what I saw on this thread a couple of weeks or so ago they were more videos available and there was more information I’m not implying that the person who had his knee on this man’s neck is not to be held responsible I’m just saying that it looks like there was much more to this than we are actually dealing with and question remains does a person still have the right to rely on innocent until proven guilty I can’t see anywhere where people are not just sitting back and calling this police officer a murderer they might be right but I don’t think we know and if we know that I still don’t see how we can know that what he did he did because he hated people because of their skin color.

    1. The full arrest video will be released when the powers that be can control the narrative about it. They will continue to deceive the common people till they can’t anymore.

  2. The lefties came after me at my place of employment, contacting the human resources department to complain that I was inciting violence against protesters engaged in violent rioting. Apparently enforcing law and order and supporting the US Constitution is anathema to the Dow Jones companies.

    This is the new trick, but I am no youngster and I will sue, and I will make like difficult for anyone who makes life difficult for America.

  3. keith g jeannin

    BLM was founded by two lesbians and a feminist who are bankrolled by George Soros. It is safe to assume that Judean/Christian principles be damned alongside all of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. This leftist, communist, socialist group must be thrown into the dustbin of history.

    1. Probably when Michelle Obama announces her candidacy. It’s unfathomable to me that the DNC will allow Creepy, Demented Joe to ever debate President Trump.

  4. Perhaps The Honorable Chuck Schumer would need to step down considering some of his alleged past dealings around some apartment houses on Avenue K, from E. 12th to E. 15th Street, whose tenants were almost 100% black.
    I like to recommend to people when they’re busy pointing their fingers at somebody there’s at least three pointing back at themselves.

  5. Tom Cotton wrote that military should be called in for violent rioters, not peaceful protesters. NYT gave in to the woke mob, thus demanding someone’s head. I’m surprised to find this article here—of all places. It’s deceiving.

  6. Good Article — the mob mentality will result in far more terminations in the coming months. our culture will eliminate good intelligent discussion of opposing opinions and the Tech companies are just getting started — just wait to see what they have in store.

    H0wever i am amazed that we still don’t have a list of all the deaths and injuries caused during the Riots — or as CNN Calls them “”the peaceful protests”” Why doesn’t any news reporter compile a list of the deaths, injuries and property damage caused by these riots. it is being completely ignored by the media and the politicians. This needs to be put into context as we get barraged with the peaceful protests narrative to counter this with the awful damage done. Many of the innocent dead from the riots are black themselves — but no national funerals or mosaics for these fine people needlessly killed. shameful

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