POLL: Americans say censorship of certain ideas and info amounts to manipulation

In the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com, nobody said they believe social media and news are “watching out for us” when they censor ideas/info/people.

Everybody said such censorship amounts to “trying to manipulate.”

When social media/news censors ideas/info/people, it’s:

0% Watching out for us

100% Trying to manipulate

<1% Not sure

<1% Don’t care

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3 thoughts on “POLL: Americans say censorship of certain ideas and info amounts to manipulation”

  1. What were the numbers here, Sharyl? It’s an interesting poll, not often you see 100% unanimity. Given that Twitter just censored Sidney Powell, this manipulation is getting a little too visible.

  2. There is 2 forms of censorship.
    1. That which the media does want us to know because it seeks to protect the tender sensibilities of a certain class of people.
    a. Like a California jurisdiction that will no longer show mug shots because a disproportionate number of them are Black and it portrays Blacks in a bad light.
    b. Closer to home, Drivers for a trucking company were advised by the management not to stop for disabled cars to help the between 2 milepost markers. Apparently a half dozen or so guys would come out of the ditch, beat the hell out of the Good Samaritan driver, and then take anything of value. That is unheard of in ND, especially during the winter. I have driven that road frequently and knew exactly where it was located. in the middle of an Indian Reservation.

    2. The other censorship protects the Snowflakes from the truth because they can’t handle it.
    a. Any truth that will shatter their preconceived notions about the real world.

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