POLL: Few believe wearing masks “saves many lives”

People are mixed when it comes to their opinion about the impact of wearing masks for coronavirus. Eight percent (8%) say it “saves many lives.” That’s according to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com.

One in four respondents say wearing masks “gives a false sense of security.” Fifteen percent (15%) believe it “may not help but can’t hurt.” One in five say it “is more dangerous.”

Wearing masks–

8% Saves many lives

27% Gives a false sense of security

15% May not help but can’t hurt

14% Doesn’t help

20% Is more dangerous

17% Nobody really knows

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10 thoughts on “POLL: Few believe wearing masks “saves many lives””

  1. I think people wear the same mask over and over again which defeats the purpose of wearing it, doesn’t it? They probably prevent a person from spreading germs more than protecting one from them. All I know is they are quite uncomfortable and unnatural to wear.

  2. Totally agree with Susan. I live at high altitude and wearing masks during a
    Pilates class brings on symptoms akin to altitude sickness. And I can’t help but laugh at the stupidity of some of these face coverings. Plus people think that with the masks, they can ignore distancing advice. It’s the usual government response to “we need to look like we’re doing something.”

  3. more than a little sketchy on the particulars. i’m a big no-mask guy and was hoping for something more substantial. how were the questions asked? how many people polled? without that info, this is just for fun. i know you do some polls just from your readers. i assume that’s what this is. i’d love to get a “real” poll done. if the results are anywhere close to this, i’ll be posting it everywhere!

  4. Sharyl, Susan, and Suze:

    — A Far More Serious Pandemic —

    In 1995, this scribbler began to warn of a growing

    pandemic, hidden by Western/Mainstream/Libertine

    Gossipers (( WMLGs, a/k/a journalists-in-the-making,

    today )), to coverup liberals’ / libertines’ / leftists’ /

    hedonists’ / progressives’ / feminists’ / Marxists’ /

    socialists’ / communists’ beginning 1960s sex-is-fun-

    not-SACRED R E V O L T, against millennia of

    S A C R E D traditions protecting all from sexual

    diseases and mental damage to children: T R A –

    D I T I O N S of heterosexuality, monogamy,

    courtship, matrimony, family and strict rules against

    abandoning children for divorce—health-protecting

    TRADITIONS tossed away by L E F T I S M as so

    much dirty bath water; and, then, there is Leftism’s

    libertine march across the Christian West to open

    every venue to pornographic displays. Keeping men,

    boys, women, and girls in a constant state of sexual

    arousal, rapidly spreading deadly hook-up-/group-

    sex-/child-sex-caused venereal diseases (( find and

    study Leddihn’s analysis of that S I C K LIBERTINE

    mind :

    “Leftism From de Sade and Marx to Hitler and Marcuse”;

    and study my Jungian/Freudian psychologies-based

    analysis of that sick mind: “The Donahue Syndrome” :

    A Far More Serious Pandemic of Anti-Biotic-Resistant,
    Sexually Transmitted Herpes—not from Wuhan, but
    Homegrown :



  5. This whole covid19 is a farce. yes, as with all Flu’s and viruses people will die however it all deands on their age, health etc.
    Wearing a mask only hinders one’s ability to get fresh oxygen into the blood stream otherwise your only breathing in your own germs and weaken your own immune system. that and hand sanitizer.

    Best bet…open you windows, air out your home, as usual wash hands.
    You can chose to be a lemming or you can not to wear a mask, as for me …I am not a lemming.

  6. The flu size is 0.1 micron. N95 masks stop 20 thru 100 micron sized particles. It’s like putting up a chain link fence to stop mosquitos. Again, covid-19 is 0.1 microns.

  7. It’s a liberal thing.
    Used to be referred to as, “symbolism over substance.” Kinda like herding sheep, showing all that the critters can be easily led.

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