POLL: Most say schools should open in the fall

Ninety-four percent (94%) say schools should open in the fall.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of 3,294 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

Add in those who said schools should open “some and/or part time” and that number increases to 97%.

Should schools open in the fall?

94% Yes

3% Some and/or part time

2% No

<1% Not sure

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12 thoughts on “POLL: Most say schools should open in the fall”

  1. I don’t know anyone nor do the people l know that knows anyone.. when I see polls on Twitter most people say they don’t know anyone. It’s really bizarre.. on your poll I chose people I don’t know bcuz that was the only option for “ I don’t know anyone “

  2. I realize it seems far too logical for most school boards to comprehend…but why not open schools with the option for virtual learners for those families who are afraid to send their children to school. Sign waivers…protect the board. Done deal.

    1. Kelly, I’m hearing from teachers and teacher’s unions that about 85% of teachers do not want to return. Some fear what might happen as many are in the older range or have health issues now. I suspect the NEA, AFT and many State branches of the union are also applying pressure to not start as that is what the Democrat Party is lobbying for.
      I suspect there are many different reasons and I don’t know what the ramifications involved in a negotiations process.
      A relative that just retired from teaching was the union president at the school and said the district is requiring or asking staff to sign waivers for protection if they test positive and later have severe problems or die.

  3. Schools should open in the fall.
    From all I have read the 1968-69 flu season killed 100,000 people in a US population of 200 million. Barely a news blip then.
    What I have read about seasonal flu, it is often more deadly to the K-12th grade age group. So why wouldn’t students go back to school for the 0.26 to 0.40 variance of death rate in the USA, (never the advertised 5%) with children seeming to be less susceptible to covid -19 than a yearly flu virus. Math seems to not be used for covid-19 except to count “cases”, maybe over counting cases?

  4. Not one person in my circle believes school should open as usual. Let’s talk school reform (again) while we’re at it. Education is a crippled, ailing, institution, flying under the radar. Corona is not the only problem!

    1. No teaching our children to be communist and anti American is the BIGGEST PROBLEM.
      Get Marx’s teachers and pedophile teachings out of our school. No mandatory sex education for children that are not in middle school or high school. You do not teach young children about any type of sexual education especially without the parents consent. It’s time to stop programming our children to be sick Marxist anti-American haters.

    2. You are correct, back to basics. Bad history is even more important than good history. Teach history with “ facts” , not your opinion !

  5. Dr Sehuelt at MedCram . Com did a video that is compelling with regards to an at home test that costs 1-2 dollars, results in 10 mins that only shows Covid if your viral load is high enough for you to be infective. A parent could test their child before school and make a decision then to go or not. This test is not FDA approved because it is not sensitive enough to show that you have any antibodies below the infective level, that would be it’s benefit by showing positive only if a person is “infective”.
    This video is #97 or 98 on utube or their website

  6. How about polling teachers, they’re the ones exposing themselves and their families? Children will not obey distancing or proper hygiene or using face masks. Saying we need to get kids back in school so they can get back to normal is BS. This is not a normal situation. What is normal about staying 6 feet from others, wearing masks, constantly using hand sanitizer, and living in fear? I understand the need to get our economy back on track, but sending kids to school under the lie that they are safe is wrong. We need to get this right, because the next pandemic may be much more deadly, and we need to have a better understanding of how to deal with it.

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      You may be right; however, after all, school isn’t about helping teachers it’s about the kids. I would think that if teachers have a health issue or discomfort, they should be assigned remote teaching or perhaps receive disability payments… but not keep all the kids home because of the teachers that need special consideration.But I could be wrong.

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