Societal Clashes: How We Got Where We Are Today (PODCAST)

Today’s societal clashes were foreseeable. Just look at the trends in recent years from anti-police sentiment to laws and rules that some people don’t have to follow, but others do.
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4 thoughts on “Societal Clashes: How We Got Where We Are Today (PODCAST)”

  1. Sharyl :

    Is your opinion/analysis not of enough
    value/importance to your audience—
    to your own purpose here—that you
    need not provide a transcription of your

    People, mostly, haven’t time to listen
    to an audio message.

    At least, provide a synopsis of your
    pocast message.

    As for how we got to where we are
    today, my 3,000-word report:

    “Open Letter to Professor Walter Wilson”

    is a detailed explanation, absent the
    psychological ROOT cause of how
    we got to here (( my 1987 “Donahue
    Syndrome” report explains that )).



    Conservatives FAIL at creativity when
    countering Leftism’s propaganda terms,
    Such as their failure to say/write:

    A N T I F A C O M S,

    not “Antifa”—as they ARE anarchical
    C O M M U N I S T S.

  2. A good friend was buried last week. He had been attacked and beaten to death by several peaceful BLM protestors

    Now, I am sure the Leftists trolling Sharyl’s columns will be saying it serves him right.

    But I haven’t mentioned that he was a full-blooded Indian, Anyone whose hate-filled atrophied brain would see that because he was not a light-skinned Indian. His oldest brother is nationally recognized authority on Indian Treaties.

    I have yet to hear any Democrat (read: Anti-American Leftist) condemn any of the people killed by these peaceful protestors., which includes 4 Blacks, one of which was a retired police chief.
    I imagine there was little if any investigation that went into his death because the killers are to be protected from any bias.

    1. Very sad, Kevin.

      Better that we counter BLM’s tribe-based
      violence with more truth-telling:

      B L M M,

      Black Lives Matter More!

      Also, I write/say this truth:

      Black L I E S Matter,


      “ Hands up. Don’t shoot!. “


      Consider how complicit in death and
      destruction MSM journalists are, by
      H I D I N G that fact from the public.


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