Underage Smugglers, Secret Holds, Sea Rise, Earmarks

It’s an important border issue you probably haven’t heard much about.

Mexican drug cartels use underage kids– both Mexicans and Americans– to smuggle drugs into the U.S. That’s because when children are caught, they are typically simply let go with no consequences.

The children brought into the criminal life are often trapped, and brutalized by the cartels.

Sunday on Full Measure, we visit an Arizona county that’s changed that dynamic and met with amazing success.

We’ll also examine the controversial practice of “secret holds” in the U.S. senate.

Lisa Fletcher looks at the problem of sea rise on America’s military installations.

And we will tell you where Congress stands with the controversial practice of “earmarks.”

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3 thoughts on “Underage Smugglers, Secret Holds, Sea Rise, Earmarks”

  1. I received an text from the Midland County Democrat Party near me. It was sent to ‘Jeremy’, not me. I took a screen shot and shared it on Parler.. In short, it was asking for a ‘permanent absentee voter’ setup done ‘right from your phone with no paper forms to fill out and mail in’. I have sent it out to a U.S. House Rep and a Senator for my state. One a Dem and the other a Rep. I also sent it to the SOS for the State of MI’s Election Bureau all via internet. I have made some other attempts at notifying the RNC nad Trump’s election committee (and more). I have yet to hear from anyone regarding the legality of the request. Any ideas on who else to contact? Thank you, Gary

  2. Kathleen Wallace

    You might want to look at some of the courses on Coursera created by the University of Michigan, particularly the one on pervasive police brutality. I think that you will find it interesting and a little disturbing. Michigan is my alma mater and I refuse to give them any money. In fact, I have told them that I want higher ed defunded.

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