WATCH: Where Star Wars began

(Original air date: November 17, 2019)

When we travel for Full Measure, sometimes we end up in faraway places. Scott Thuman did that one better, visiting a familiar landscape, from a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

To call this place remote would be an understatement. For miles, there’s nothing but sand and canyons.

This is southern Tunisia, not too far away from the Libyan border, but to millions of fans around the world, we’re on a small desert planet far far away, on the galaxy’s outer rim.

In this humble subterranean home lived a young man burning with desire to see the universe, fulfill his destiny and battle the dark side.

Welcome to Luke Skywalker’s house.

The setting for the 1976 original Star Wars and again in 2000 for a prequel, these ancient Berber buildings turned into hotels complete with memorability and original props are sacred ground to Star Wars fans even though few actually make it here.

Scott: It is absolutely crazy how difficult it is to get here but for those die-hard Star Wars fans, I’m sure that the journey, the trek, is just part of the pilgrimage. They get the check-off that bucket list item and probably with a lot of excitement. No one perhaps more so than photographer Lee. Lee, how do you feel about this moment?

Lee: I feel awesome, this is a dream come true. A total dream.

Scott: A dream come true!

That’s what we do here on Full Measure. Lucas was famous for his inventive names, but no need here, this area is part of the Tunisian province of Tataouine which on film became Tatooine. Several hours of windy roads away even on a land speeder, young Anakin Skywalker’s slave quarters from the Phantom Menace took form out of an old grain store which, capitalizing on its cinematic fame, was also a hotel – eventually failing.

Perhaps too remote, even for fans of the force. Even as the Skywalker universe prepares for its last outing this place, like the movies, will endure because unlike many sets, a lot of this fantasy world is actually real.

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