An update on Biden’s “dark money” haul

This update comes from Business Insider’s Dave Levinthal regarding the reporting entitled:

Biden’s ‘dark’ side: How Democrats are embracing secret money and the Citizens United decision to defeat Trump

“Pro-Biden super PACs raised another $8.5 million in “dark money” during July. That brings their total “dark money” haul to more than $53.5 mil. New numbers come on week @TheDemocrats, in their 2020 platform, vowed to ‘bring an end to dark money’.”

According to Levinthal’s previous reporting:

  • Democrats including Joe Biden have railed against dark money but are now embracing such funds — whose original source is unclear — in a race to oust President Donald Trump.
  • Pro-Biden super PACs have so far accepted at least $53.5 million that can’t be traced to an actual person, according to an Insider analysis of federal election records.
  • That’s already about eight times the amount of dark money the pro-Hillary Clinton super PACs took during the 2016 presidential campaign.

Republicans have also made broad use of dark money sources for political gain.

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4 thoughts on “An update on Biden’s “dark money” haul”

  1. first time for actual truth… no interpropaganda added. and first time for a non partisan from u ever.
    might be hope for u yet.

  2. If you go to the Antifa/BLM page to donate it shows it goes to the Democratic Party. Bernie is #1 on their receiving end and Biden is #2.
    This isn’t surprising sadly.

  3. If Dark Money is not traceable to a person, then it is traced to somewhere… You cannot tell us it is completely untraceable!

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