(CENSORED VIDEO) “What They Don’t Want You To See”

As expected, YouTube has censored a popular video documentary containing interviews from two whistleblowers making detailed allegations about government plots to spy on and blackmail U.S. political figures and other Americans.

The video had been viewed by more than a million people before YouTube claimed it violated its “hate speech” policy.

According to the documentary, posted on August 14, a number government intelligence and defense contractors comprise a web of government-connected data collection systems and use the systems for illicit purposes.

Here is an as-yet non-censored link to the video entitled: “What They Don’t Want You Too See.”


Separately, a video was recently posted on social media showing the reporter in the video getting arrested as the documentary was making its internet debut. When asked why she was being arrested, it appears as though someone off camera told the reporter the reason was “burglary.”

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22 thoughts on “(CENSORED VIDEO) “What They Don’t Want You To See””

  1. The Democrats/Progressives are nothing but Evil Communist Globalists. Their supporters are in for a very rude awakening IF they ever wake up.

  2. Thank you for posting Shadow Gate! You stand virtually alone as an honest, trusted and respected reporter! Keep up the good work!!

  3. Thank You!!! You of all people know how dangerous it is to expose the Corruption. I watched her Documentary and found it VERY informative . I must say I was NOT surprised

  4. Thank you Sharyl for all of your hard work, hard as it has to be emotionally draining on you. Such a sad time we’re living in. Wish you would have read my story I sent you a few months ago, it was a worthy read about my involvement leading up to Reagon’s election. Strange how it all came to full circle in 2020.

  5. We saw the 1hr 22min video before you tube took it down. It was compelling. I pray this information can be delivered to the American people soon so they can evaluate it’s validity.

  6. Ditto!
    Sheryl, I’m wondering if you read Sundance at theconservativetreehouse, and if not, please check him out. There is information to share with someone like you.

  7. I’ve followed you for years now Sheryl because there are very few independent reporters left with any integrity. As the video says, this is a Left AND Right problem!. As a committed Christian, I’ve read the last page of The Book and am familiar with the outcome to control the masses. That control is at play right now and it is through your heroic efforts that more and more folks become aware. THANK YOU SHARYL FOR ALL YOU DO AT GREAT PERSONAL RISK!!

  8. WestcoastDeplorable

    Thanks for giving Millie coverage, Sharyl. She’s another good one like you and she deserves all out support (as do YOU)!

  9. Great to see you sharing this, Sharyl. I had never listened to an online documentary and hour and half long. Until I did that one last Friday night. Eye opening. Chilling. And that arrest, immediately upon release says one thing. Truth. Hitting too close.
    “Obama phones”. That was a new revelation, as to the nefarious purposes those are being used for by the ‘deep state, shadow government’.

  10. What may not be obvious from a first look at the movie is the way that the system these idiots created is both seemless and to a large extent automated. So when the reporter got arrested, in a way that may have required little or no human decision to bring up the necessary information on her and initiate the chain of actions leading to the arrest. It may also be the case what we are seeing is more than one of these systems fighting it out against each other creating utter turmoil in the world. We need to hold people accountable, but even more important is figuring out how to turn off this diabolical system before it is too late.

    1. Patricia McCullough

      Perhaps you just did not scroll down far enough from the “removed video” to a red link directly to the Bitchute link for the video. It is still there on Sharyl’s page.

  11. Patricia McCullough

    Can you imagine how daunting President Trump and AG Barr’s jobs are? I was so disappointed to hear AG Barr say they were “not looking into Obama or Biden” and I wondered why he would say that. As this video proves, Obama clearly behind all of this criminal misuse of the Intelligence Services so why would AG Barr give him a pass? Like one of the posters above, so many Americans’ eyes would glass over trying to watch this. Fortunately for me, I worked in one of the intel services and I am an avid researcher. Surprised no mention of Dennis Montgomery who built The Hammer that was misused. Montgomery was also a whistleblower and for the life of me, I will never understand why their voices are not heard, as these two that Mueller had no interest in interviewing. I watched this and honestly didn’t know if I wanted to ever vote again in any election, with all of this going on and not much being done even by President Trump and the FBI/AG. Suffice it to say, if President Trump loses, I won’t ever be voting again as our country will be done. So much talk of civil war coming, or at least lot of blood in the streets no matter who wins. Such scary times we live in.

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