Citizens United, Fire fix, Clarence Thomas

A lot of people talk about the famous Supreme Court decision known as “Citizens United,” but they don’t really know all that much about it.

Sunday on Full Measure, we dig into the landmark ruling. As we approach the 2020 election, we’ll hear from both sides as to how it impacts campaign financing.

And wait until you hear the surprising origins of the lawsuit. Hint: It has to do with liberal documentary maker Michael Moore!

We’ll also update you on federal action to try to fix shortfalls in funding for fire prevention. A California power company is blamed for sparking many of the state’s massive wildfires, but so much tax money has gone toward putting them out, it has left a critical gap in funding for the measures that could help prevent fires or keep them from getting as out of control.

And we’ll give you a peek at a fascinating documentary about the life of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Thomas typically shuns the spotlight, but gave a rare, in depth interview for the documentary.

I hope you’ll check out Full Measure for off-narrative, old-fashioned news reporting you won’t see anywhere else!

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2 thoughts on “Citizens United, Fire fix, Clarence Thomas”

  1. Please help us investigate party affiliation included on the return ballot envelope. I just recieved a video from a friend. I am trying to figure a way out to get you the video. It is really distressing that you can just look at the mailing code to see if it’s a republican voter.

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