Federal judge permits big weddings in New York State; overturns Gov. Cuomo mandate

Photo by: Juhster

The following is an excerpt from an article in Times Union.

ALBANY — A federal judge in Syracuse has overturned Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s limit of 50 guests at wedding receptions, a measure the governor put in place earlier this year to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Chief U.S. District Judge Glenn T. Suddaby issued the ruling Friday in a case that involved couple from the western New York who wanted to have 200 people at a wedding at a golf club in Onondaga County. They held the wedding shortly after the judge issued the decision on Friday.

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1 thought on “Federal judge permits big weddings in New York State; overturns Gov. Cuomo mandate”

  1. That was great decision from judge, and for us who have been following Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s actions in case of elderly people, is something that would have been took that murder to prison for min. 50 years, if happened in my country or elsewhere outside the US.

    In America you seems to have done nothing wrong when you mass murder peoples mothers, fathers or grand parents. You just need to be on, not right but left, the wrong side in politics. Unbelievable !!

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