House Ethics Panel: Rep. Tlaib violated campaign law (but didn’t mean to)

Michigan Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib violated election law by paying herself campaign funds.

That’s according to the House Ethics Committee.

However, the committee said Tlaib’s violations were not made with “ill intent.” Therefore, her only penalty is to repay $10,800. She has a year to do it.

The ruling about her violation was made after she won a primary this week.

Read more on the case at by clicking the link below.

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7 thoughts on “House Ethics Panel: Rep. Tlaib violated campaign law (but didn’t mean to)”

    1. That is correct. Spano had no personal wealth when he ran in 2018 — a fact publicly known from prior finance reports required during his time as a Florida state legislator. When he filed to run for Congress, Spano did not file the required financial disclosure form, which is required of every candidate, and was due in May. He got a filing extension to the middle of July. He failed to file the report in July, August, September, and in October. During those same months that he wasnt filing his Financial Disclosure report (which would have revealed the loans/excessive donations from his friends), he was claiming on different reports that he was loaning his campaign $180,000his from his personal funds. Really? –odd, since he had no savings to speak of nor did he own a home. He was called by the press a few days before the November election to comment on why he had not filed the manadatory Financial Disclosure form. He said he would, then attempted to mislead the Tampa Bay Times reporter with a line that maybe his wife gave him the money to loan his campaign. He didn’t tell the reporter that maybe he’d made several “mistakes” over the summer taking excessive campaign donations from his friends and lying about them. After prompting by the reporter, he did file the long overdue Financial Discloure form 3 days before the November 6 election. The diclosure of the “loans” from friends on the Form made obvious the facts that Spano did not get the money he’d funneled to his campaign from his wife. It was then obvious that he’d taken cash loans all summer long from donors and falsely characterized them as personal funds. A month after it was reported in the press and AFTER it was turned over to the FBI, Spano knew he’d been caught red-handed cheating in both the Republican primary and in the general election. So on November 28th he gallantly sought to use the FEC’s safe harbor provisions of “self reporting.” Those provisions can allow reduced penalties for innocent mistakes just discovered. Their purpose is not to protect those who knowingly break the law, engage in cover-ups, are caught then say “oops, my bad.” Spano is now running for re-election. But this time the story is out and he is having trouble selling the “innocent mistake” hogwash. He is losing popularity within his own party for not being a “credible messenger.” It is unfortunate that the Department of Justice couldn’t have gotten this case figured out by now one way or the other.

  1. Sounds like the case with Hillary and her Classified home email server – “could not prove intent”. Of course, an ordinary mortal would be breaking rocks at Leavenworth!

  2. I thought no one was above the law. Well I guess she is . Michigsn is on shot shape with her Gary Peters and Gretchen

  3. Paid herself? I have never heard of a candidate getting paid, especially, paid by themselves. Ordinarily, that is Theft. Since she is involved in Government, it is embezzlement as well.
    It appears to be a lot like the whole Deep State Coup against President Trump. We had a number of FBI & DOJ employees being excused for not understanding the law. Brennan & the Steele Dossier also comes to mind. Brennan is supposed to have gotten the Dossier underway.. The CIA is not supposed to operate within the US. The Director of the CIA reports directly to the President, yet Brennan gave the Dossier to Senator “Dingy” Harry Reid. Hillary & with her private (read: Illegal) server and missing government property. The e-mails are all official government records.
    I will stop here, though I could continue at length.

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