INVESTIGATION: 18 of 20 Facebook “independent” fact checkers have ties to political activist Soros or his foundations

Hard fact check truth: I traced 18 of 20 Facebook independent oversight board members to political activist George Soros and/or his foundations.

This helps explain why fact checks so often seem to cut in one direction and are not neutral.

Read what I found…by clicking the link below.

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18 thoughts on “INVESTIGATION: 18 of 20 Facebook “independent” fact checkers have ties to political activist Soros or his foundations”

  1. Dr. Fauci is a joke. He seeks glory at the expensive of the health of the U.S. population. This has been a pattern with him. Read ” Plague” and “Plague of Corruption” by Dr. Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively, JD.

    Note: Dr. Mikovits has been unfairly discredited for her work showing that retroviruses from vaccines probably cause Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as well as autism. The powers that be have to silence her in order to prevent producers of vaccines from having to payout billions due of lawsuits.

    1. “Discredited” is a term too often used by those that wish to impose their OWN mental filters on other people…as to what is, or is not discredited is a question of an individual’s mindset.

      1. “ to what is, or is not discredited is a question of an individual’s mindset”

        You DON’T say?! But that begs the question: upon what basis can the Fauci/corporate media narrative be discredited? The basis has been explained pretty well in this thread. The Covid ”crisis” is mostly nonsense, if not entirely nonsense. The numbers are jiggered and the entire basis for testing is faulty. The inventor of the PCR test, Kary Mullis, said his test can’t be used to accurately detect viruses.

      2. I guess we should call fauci a manipulator then since you don’t like the term ” discredited ” and by the way, the definition of discredited is to disgrace someone, to damage their reputation, and disgrace them.

  2. 18 of 20 Facebook fact-checkers are associated with George Soros. That explains some of the reasons that a Trump super-PAC has been banned from ads for the next 90 days over two ads that were largely accurate.

  3. IF you actually proof read or edit the copy you publish…PLEASE READ THE LAST SENTENCE OF KATHLEEN WALLACE’S STATEMENT ABOVE….A grade school kid must have written that!!!

      1. Right, CASE CLOSED. Everyone KNOWS there can be no conspiracies ;-)

        Men in power never collude to do things they wouldn’t want us to know. NEVER!

        1. Edward Snowden is being forced to live in an embassy because he revealed that the NSA is surveilling the population.

        2. On his death bed, Robert McNamara revealed the Gulf of Tonkin Incident was faked in order to create support for escalating the Vietnam War.

        The foregoing are just two examples among many of major conspiracies. But don’t worry, I’m certain conspiracies are impossible………….”because someone would talk.” In reality, people DO talk, but they’re discounted as ”conspiracy theorists.” Rinse/repeat.

  4. I have been constantly shadow banned / attacked for statin true facts & currently on block down fot the umpteenth time , they are lying and covering up what eer they don’t like basically & I am not the only AmERICAN that is victim of the monopoly it unAMERICAN and wrong ! meanwhile they sell out our country to get rich !

  5. We are from Australia, MSM is very, very deceitful over here, luckily we do manage to see good sites like Dr. Mercolas & today learnt about you. It makes me happy to know there are a few journalists who do want to report truthfully. We realise it is very bad too in the USA. Luckily for good independent sites where we can learn and compare the truth. Keep up the positive work , we know when a lie is told, and everyone sings and echoes the same narrative. God Bless you and keep you safe.
    from Colin and Gloria

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