Most say the Covid restrictions in their area are “Overboard”

The vast majority say coronavirus restrictions in their own area are “Overboard.”

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll at

Eighty-three percent (83%) gave the “Overboard” answer.

Fourteen percent (14%) say they view their restrictions as “Reasonable.”

Current Covid restrictions in my area are:

14% Reasonable

83% Overboard

1% Too little too late

1% I’m not sure

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3 thoughts on “Most say the Covid restrictions in their area are “Overboard””

  1. I’m sick of all this Covid madness. . Socialistic distancing is bs. Masking of citizens is dehumanizing and meant for control. It’s child abuse to mask a kid. It’s disgusting. Expecting a Restaurant to operate at 25/50% is ridiculous. Only the government who can’t run the post office wants to tell businesses how to run things.

  2. Anytime a mouth is covered, airways are obstructed .What we are seeing done to children publicly today in the United States of America is a human-rights crime. This is occuring nationwide and is horrific child endangerment. This blatant behavior is acceptable conduct in 2020 in a once named “free country”. It is practiced openly by parents at the (i.e. perceived mandate) direction of the media, big pharma, the local, state and federal bureaucrats, politicians, the financial sector and tech giants. The vaccine will be forced on innocent children first through school mandate and many will die from it. It sickens me to think we are like sheep dragging our children to the slaughter. The vaccine will be forced on the military as well as anyone expecting to function in our society. All new vaccines contain a microscopic chip and you will be tagged. Credit and movement will be attached to your vaccine id. number where it will determined if you are acceptable or unacceptable. When this happens what next? What if you are rendered unacceptable-extermination? Wake up folks. Look at history. We are reliving it in the 21st century in a place I once thought of as safe from tyranny.

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