(NEW) “Live Free or Die” excerpt: What is Sean Hannity’s new book all about?

The conservative radio and television host, Sean Hannity, is soon out with a new book that gives his take on what many see as anti-American trends happening today.

Hannity leaves no doubt where he stands. He is a staunch Trump supporter and views many developments in the U.S. leading up to the 2020 election as radical and contrary to our constitution. You can read san excerpt below.

The book is being released Tues. Aug. 4 and is available for preorder now.


The following is an excerpt from the new book: “Live Free or Die.”

by Sean Hannity

I wrote this book to sound an alarm—as a warning to my fellow patriots about the left’s undying commitment to turn America into a land our grandparents, founders, and framers wouldn’t recognize. We must wake up to this reality and reject any notion it can’t happen here. It is happening here. Many Americans already realize it, which is among the reasons they elected Donald Trump to deflate the Deep State and turn back the tide of this leftist juggernaut. He’s done a spectacular job, but it’s not finished. We have to ensure he is allowed to continue his work.

On my TV and radio shows I have often warned about the left’s true intentions. I warned about Barack Obama’s radical background as he was running for president in 2008. Everyone now remembers his vow to fundamentally transform America, but I was among the relatively few who told you he was serious and to take him at his word. In his eight years in office, he made substantial progress advancing his statist ambitions—a vision wholly contradictory to our framers’ ideals and their carefully crafted structure of government. People wrongly say Obama was a moderate compared to today’s crop of Democrats. In fact, without question he used his long presidential honeymoon and his phony patina of bipartisanship to push progressivism as far and as quickly as he could at the time. He paved the way for the rise of the radical left that now rules the Democratic Party. There would be no Bernie Sanders movement if it weren’t for Barack Obama. Never forget that, and don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The left falsely argues that conservatives have become more radical every year, when in truth they are no further right than they were to the “right” during the Reagan era. Prior to Donald Trump’s presidency, their various efforts to stave off waves of leftist radicalism, such as the Tea Party, may have made them look more strident, but they were mostly fighting a rearguard action. By almost any measure, America was becoming more liberal, not less, from economic policies to social issues. Virtually every legislative compromise Republicans made with Democrats resulted in expanding the government. Temporary constraints on government, such as welfare reform, were chipped away over time, and the nation continued its long march toward socialism at an ever-quickening pace.

Even if unopposed, it’s doubtful that conservatives would head in some radical direction themselves. Radical conservatism is a contra- diction in terms. Conservatives favor smaller, less centralized, and less intrusive government. They believe the federal government should be vigorous in those areas over which the Constitution grants it power, such as national defense. Like the framers, they believe the government must be powerful enough to protect Americans from domestic and foreign threats. But they respect constitutional restraints on government, including the balance of powers, the doctrine of federalism, and the Bill of Rights. They would never support shrinking the federal government beyond what the Constitution mandates. We understand that our freedom is secured and preserved by maintaining a proper balance between the powers of government and the liberties of our citizens. But liberty is our watchword. Liberty is what makes America unique. The left, by contrast, has all but abandoned liberty in favor of government-forced outcomes, though their agenda guarantees not only less liberty but less prosperity as well.

While conservatism is inherently nonradical, progressivism, especially today’s version of it, is intrinsically radical. Left to their own devices, they would move the country wholesale into socialism and authoritarianism. Americans cannot afford to let our guard down for one moment if we hope to pass on the blessings of liberty to our children. Our work in shoring up our constitutionally guaranteed liberties will never be complete. We can never rest because the left will never rest. It’s who they are and who they will always be. To save America, they must be defeated in the battle of ideas and the ballot box.

Just look at how disconnected the Democrats’ current program is from the concerns and values of the American people. Does a majority of our countrymen want to elect self-proclaimed socialists to office? Do most Americans embrace radical environmentalist policies that would bankrupt the nation and eliminate all fossil fuels? Do they want a government-guaranteed universal basic income? Do they glorify late- term abortion, even post-birth abortion (such as Governor Northam’s position on infanticide)? Are they demanding open borders and the abolition of ICE, welfare benefits for illegal aliens, and the elimination of private health insurance?

If the last fifteen or twenty years have shown us anything, it is that the left means business and their business includes wiping away American exceptionalism and the unique ideas that have made this nation the freest and most prosperous in history.

I cannot overstate the left’s intentions and the devastating consequences we will face if Democrats regain control of the presidency and Congress in 2020. I can’t emphasize enough how concerned I am by the unmistakable trends we can all now plainly see and how imperative it is that we reelect President Donald Trump in 2020 along with resounding Republican majorities in both houses of Congress. Our children’s future depends on it.

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1 thought on “(NEW) “Live Free or Die” excerpt: What is Sean Hannity’s new book all about?”

  1. I’m a fan of yours, Ms Attkisson and Mr. Hannity’s.

    His book will serve as a GPS device for out patriots in the weeks and years to come.

    The challenge now is to figure out the mindset of the average Liberal patriot whose fears of a continued Trump White House may have been piqued by the corrupted media and overlooked by the leading GOP voices, like Mr. Hannity’s.

    I believe many uninformed and misinformed patriotic Liberals actually believe that Pres. Trump is a bad man, i.e. not a nice man. And more than not being a ‘nice man,’ I believe many Dems perceive Donald Trump and ALL OF THE GOP as the reincarnation of the “bullies” they have feared their entire lives.

    The way I would think to explore this phenomenon might be to ask ourselves, “What would the fictional mob boss, Michael Corleone, in ‘The Godfather,’ have done differently to prevent his weaker but older brother, Fredo from betraying the family?”

    It seems to me the average Democrat may not be totally on board with the radicals who have hijacked the DNC and taken 50% of America captive.

    But those Dems may simply go along with the Progressives because they fear and loathe the IDEA of the bullies on the Right having four more years to impose our ‘mean-spirited’ form of government on them without anything to stop us.

    In his final pronouncement to Fredo, Michael banishes Fredo to a virtual permanent subjugation and that has the feel of a kind of “Jim Crow” law being laid down on the pitiably weak and slow witted weakling brother who truly didn’t understand the larger consequences of courting an enemy like Johnny Ola.

    “Fredo has a good heart, but he is weak… and stupid, and this is life and death.”
    ―Michael Corleone


    If the average Democrat can be described as “weak and stupid” for not understanding that the anti-Trump forces in America are our nation’s enemies, there is little that Mr. Hannity’s book might do to assuage the Liberal’s desperately quiet fears.

    If Trump’s GOP has been painted as the ‘deplorably bad guys,’ someone needs to figure out what might be done to dispel the Liberals from their false romantic fantasies about the Leftist’s deceptively worse guys who have seduced them.

    And it must be done in the next 90 days.

    If Hannity appeals to the rational reasons for voting for the President, someone needs to calm the Liberal’s fears to prevent their betrayal from becoming an Election day death blow to our Republic.

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