POLL: More voters than before think Trump is more ethical than most politicians

A poll by Rasmussen asked about the perceived ethics of President Trump and his rival, Democrat Joe Biden. According to the results:

46% of voters said they think #Trump is less ethical than most politicians (little changed since 2016).

A new high of 32%, however, believe the president is more ethical.

18% rate his ethics as about the same as those of most politicians.

Read the details and the article by clicking the link below:

Voters Question Ethics of Trump, Biden, But Not Their Own


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4 thoughts on “POLL: More voters than before think Trump is more ethical than most politicians”

  1. Trump has no monetary gain in mind, and had every intention of rescuing citizens from the Democrat drowning pool they were left in from the previous administration. Anyone who doubts this has only to investigate what he does with his salary as POTUS! ?? He was rich before his Presidency; Obama got rich as a result of his fame for being President of the USA ??

  2. My turning point for Trump, when I shifted from liking his policies to beginning to feel his humanity was when the wad of twenties was spotted in his back pocket as he boarded AF1. I heard the flurry of conspiracy theories then saw the footage and realized “OH MY GOD, the president TIPPING the help!”
    Unthinkable and yet charming in its authenticity. Then I could not imagine BO or GW or Clinton even having the thought. How totally un-Washington. Comparing him to other politicians on any moral or ethical basis may have a struggle finding a starting point.

  3. What kills me is the number of people that are convinced he is evil; that hate him with a passion, but when asked if they’ve ever met him they say NO. Why are people that way? They can’t come up with a real reason to hate the man, like he slaughtered a whole bunch of kittens just for the hell of it. It’s usually because he TWEETED something. Or he said “there are fine people”. Or he grabbed a women by the “short hairs”. Whatever. All I know is that all of his children love him dearly, AND they all seem to be well-adjusted, family-oriented, mature, successful adults….not the run of the mill drug-addled misfits that most very rich and famous people raise. That says something about a person. So, he may have been a not so great husband but it looks like he is a great father and in my book that says it all.

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