Second arrest reported in assault of 7-year old Trump supporter outside Democrats’ convention

Wilmington, Delaware police have arrested two women in the anti-Trump incident involving a boy outside the Democratic National Convention.

Camryn Amy was reported arrested today. Olivia Winslow was arrested yesterday.

Police say they are the two women captured on video allegedly tearing up Trump signs, stealing a young boy’s “Make America Great Again Hat” and attacking the mother and a man.

Olivia Winslow was arrested Friday

The boy can be heard telling the women, “That’s somebody else’s hat,” as they take it, toss it around, and keep it from him.

“Get your hat back, baby,” says the boy’s mother as the boy runs after the young women and they cuss at him. “We don’t give a f_ck,” one of the women tells the boy. The boy tells his mom, “Call 9-1-1.”

A man tries to retrieve the hat, and the woman holding it pushes him away, says “Don’t touch me,” and punches at him in the face. The woman with her tells the man, “I will knock you the [expletive] out!” Another man enters the picture on the side of the two women and tries to drag the yelling woman away while the other appears to swat at the mom who is recording the incident.

The mom can be heard shouting, “I got the whole thing on video!”

Watch a video of the incident below:

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39 thoughts on “Second arrest reported in assault of 7-year old Trump supporter outside Democrats’ convention”

  1. Why are libs just such immature cry babies???
    Picking on a 7 year old….Betcha’ they would try that with his daddy!!

  2. I don’t get it. People freak out over a stupid hat. It’s just a HAT! I don’t get offended by anyone wearing an Obama shirt. It’s a free country. The way many on the left are acting is very immature and childish, not to mention intolerant. Funny, because they claim they are the party of tolerance, but the small print is “only if you agree with us”. If you don’t agree you become a target and they try to silence you. Who are the fascists, Trump or rabid leftists? The leftists are.

      1. Does anyone else see anything wrong with the Mom telling her kid to go get the hat back? He could’ve been hurt. This Mom is a pos!

    1. Some even mature people are acting out like this. Do up suppose it’s the red of the MAGA hat? I have a relative who went so far to vote for Trump’s opponent b/c she disliked Trump so much. Her reasons for disliking him were similar to those that you hear over & over; i.e., I don’t like his hair, it was wrong for him to use ‘locker room’ talk with that woman.’ This woman that voted for Hillary is very educated & I was under the impression that she knew better than to vote for Killary.. (Of course, she could have kept that hidden.) Nowadays, you can expect just about anything from anyone. Someone bought me a Trump mask the other day. When I wear it, should I expect to have my face torn off along with the mask? t least it isn’t red. It’s black with Trump’s name on the front of it.

    2. Indoctrination and loss of power the media starts race wars so they can say the country is blowing up. Anything to regain power but I believe this time it is getting away from them, Sadly-

    3. Do you remember when they didn’t win the election, acting the same way and now they are going to say oh if your side fails to win this time your all going to riot and cry…. such shame. Ridiculous hypocrisy.

    4. Yes, you’ve got the right questions. But you haven’t reached the answer: These are intolerant dictatorial fascists – if they get power – these are the characteristics of the government they would impose.

  3. Omg, had I been there and that was my child.
    I would have gone full berserker. Would not have ended well for Man or Woman.

  4. Any bets that a liberal judge will do nothing about the assault, theft and destruction of personal property? Based upon the previous rulings involving rioters engaged in destruction, obstruction and all sorts of lawless behavior in Metropolitan cities liberal social justice judges have not performed their duties according to the Law and their Oath., I no longer have faith in the Judiciary..

    “All people are equal, but some people are more equal than others

  5. We need to spread these stories of intolerance by the party who preaches tolerance.

    Tolerance for me but none for thee.

    The Trump supporters see and hear these stories because we have the internet and read about them on conservative and a few news sites, but the Biden/Bernie supporters seem to live in a big echo chamber of feelings. It it doesn’t support their feelings an idea or fact is dismissed without another thought.

    1. Pres. Trump is probably the least racist president we have had in my 70+ years, unlike bath house Barry who liked to spike the racist card every chance he got.
      Personally; I voted for Ben Carson in the primaries because America needed to see what a real man of color; who actually cared about the conditions of ALL PEOPLE, could do to unite our races, instead of dividing them; which is the socialist democrat agenda!

    2. Poor poor ignorant Anson. That was such a clever turn a phrase. I bet your one of those 20 something liberals that still live in mommas basement, no job, living off the government and blaming trump cause your welfare check is late. Am I close? That is exactly the type shit snowflakes like you and antifa like to say. Can’t fix stupid I guess.

  6. What an awful shame. That boy will forever be affected by this display of hateful violence towards him and his mother. Over a hat. What is this world coming to? These people are ten times worse than they accuse President Trump of being. I don’t get it.

    1. Projection. Fascist is not only applicable to far right-wing. It’s a behavior that both sides of the spectrum exhibit. And these people along with BL# and Antif@ are no different than the Black Shirts of Mussolini’s Italy and the Brown Shirts of N Germany.

  7. Bet ya the prosecutor will not file charges or charges will be dropped. After it was a mostly peaceful protest. This is what is happening all over the country criminals being allowed to roam free and pray on honest citizens.

  8. yes the hat that the DNC ,deep state ,and Obama has made for all of America . has gotten out of hand . the democ-tares are trying to back it off . (because all American’s and the world knows there behind it . but they cant stop it . they have lost control of it . and the acts of there mobs (bought and payed for by (Obama ) will cost them in Nov. . it is bad. and will get worse / and the fact that it is only states run by them democ-rates . leaves no drought who is responsible . to the whole world ??

  9. It’s so sad they have to pick on a seven yr. old boy to make a point. I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He had every right to be wearing that hat and we all have the right to support whomever we want to support. This is still a free country, Right?

  10. I hope each of these 2 are charged with:
    a HATE Crime
    Terroristic Threatening
    Assault on a Minor Child
    Assault on an Adult [Multiple Counts]
    Theft of Property

    And finally, I hope when the Judge MAXES THEM OUT & they object he FIRES BACK “I DON’T GIVE A F_CK”!
    DELIGHTED ILLibberals (esp these 2 CRIMINALS) will CONTINUE to be Triggered by President Trump till at least 20 Jan 2025! #TRUMP2020LANDSLIDE

  11. Why doesn’t the Justice Department get involved in these situations. Clearly these are civil rights violations, not to mention hate crimes.

  12. I do not like what the two girls did to the little boy. In addition, (if you watch the entire video) I think the mother was irresponsible for having her son chase after two adults twice his size and age to get the hat. One good punch to the little boy’s head could have harmed him permanently.

    The two girls were stupid in their childish actions but the mother put her child in danger just to get video footage! She was a fool! If she wanted to do the right thing she should have put down the camera, retrieved the hat, and kicked their butts at the same time. That’s what Moms do! Not use their child to make a point.

    Both parties need to grow up!

  13. Liberalism is a Mental Illness1. At the core of Liberalism is the spoiled child—miserable, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. Liberalism is a philosophy of sniveling brats; it’s parasitic and is a form of decay.

    1The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness (

  14. Mother was trying to show her son that liberals are cowards and bullies. job done. Mother was using good judgement in putting her son in harms way fior a good gotcha video. FAIL

  15. If you outwardly appear to be an adult, but your body is under the control of your “lizard brain,” … you might be a democrat!

  16. These two bloated mudsharks deserve the harshest sentence in the worst prison where they will get their asses jacked around their shoulders by the other inmates every single day of their time.
    I would pay fat money to see these two thugs surrounded by pissed off female inmates who would proceed to take their asses apart for messing with a small child. They are about to find out that inmates enjoy hurting those who hurt children. NO MERCY FOR THESE TWO

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