Thousands protest against coronavirus measures in Berlin

The following is from an article in Politico.

Thousands of people, packed close together and not wearing face masks, protested in Berlin on Saturday against official measures intended to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Police said they would file charges against the organizer of the gathering as demonstrators had not followed hygiene rules such as maintaining social distancing or wearing a mask covering nose and mouth.

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3 thoughts on “Thousands protest against coronavirus measures in Berlin”

  1. Shelia Cajun Rose Stroder

    I thank you for your bravery. By that I mean, exposing urself to the unhinged society that covers our planet right now. WE ARE one planet and, I believe, the majority on this planet WILL NOT BE SHUT DOWN OR SILENCED. I thank you for the role u are playing in this madness of today. WE ARE truly at war with our own race. Watch your back. Ill be praying for you as well as all who stick their carreers n life on the line to reveal the BIG PICTURE.

  2. Jorge Pinargotte

    Absolutely awesome demonstration of the human spirit to demonstrate it’s God given purpose: to be free.

  3. Thank you for your fearless reporting.
    We met in Birmingham last year at the Top Women in Alabama Media Awards dinner. I was impressed and inspired by you that night and more so now.

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