(VIDEO) Sen. Graham urges federal investigation of brutal Portland protest beating

There have been countless violent attacks by protesters and rioters in Portland. Some of them have been captured on video, including the brutal battery of a white man.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is calling on the Justice Department to investigate that attack that happened during a Black Lives Matter protest.

So much for ‘peaceful protests’ in Portland. This shocking attack by a mob against a young man in the streets of Portland is beyond the pale. They taunted and tortured this individual before severely injuring him. The group responsible are great candidates for federal prosecution for violation of the Constitutional rights of the victim.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.)

Watch the video below.

Caution: the imagery is violent.

The man, Adam Haner, is said to be recovering in the hospital.

According to reports, police said “the victim may have been trying to help a transgender female who had some of her thing stolen.”

Police have identified the suspect who allegedly kicked the victim in the head, knocking him out as 25-year old Marquise Love.

Suspect Marquise Love

As of this writing, Love had not been arrested.

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5 thoughts on “(VIDEO) Sen. Graham urges federal investigation of brutal Portland protest beating”

  1. They used to call the mafia or gangs organized crime,now they cleverly describe it as peaceful protesters and gun violence,I’m sure they won’t accurately describe the attack on the truck driver as attempted murder.Sooner or later someone will defend themselves and get crucified by the media and prosecutors.

  2. I guess hate crimes are only charged against white people. First former President O and BLM have done more to stoke the flames of racism – on both sides – than David Duke and Sen. Byrd ever did.

  3. Look at the expression on his face. He knows he’ll be released within two or so hours and will go right back at it, attacking white people, beating the shit out of anyone he deems unworthy….in other words any POW (Person of Whiteness)….even though he himself is obviously bi-racial but identifies as black. He is empowered by these outrageous “catch and release” laws and as long as the City Council, the Mayor and the Governor condone the behavior, which is what they are doing every time they are doing by not charging them with the crime they committed. SO WHAT? The Democrats are behind this and everyone knows it so have at it folks. Normally, you don’t shit where you eat but these guys, like Juan Williams, Jessica Tarlov, Marie Barf, Donna Brazile, etc on Fox and every single sloitary person on the rest of the cable, local news plus PBS DON’T GIVE A SHIT. NOW THEY ARE DESTROYING COVID SUPPLIES IN STORAGE, THAT TAXPAYERS ARE FINANCING AND GETTING AWAY WITH IT. So, who cares? Right?

  4. These idiots are about to get slammed in a civil war! They act like they think they are 50% of the country! 14% against 65%. ??? Are they STUPID???? I’ve had about enough of this shit! I say let’s make it 7% because I’m ready for a civil war and the way firearms are selling I know I’m not alone!

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