(WATCH) President Trump: “Do I seem rattled?”

During a news conference today, President Trump was escorted from the podium. It turns out there had been a shooting just outside the fence surrounding the White House.

The president returned to the podium a short time later to continue with the briefing, explain what had happened, and take some questions from reporters.

Trump told reporters that the Secret Service had shot somebody outside the premises. He added that “the world has always been a dangerous place.”

One of the reporters in the room asked this question and got the following answer:

Q: Are you rattled at all by this, Mr. President?

A: I don’t know, do I seem rattled?

Watch at approximately 1:40 in the video at the link at The Hill below:

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3 thoughts on “(WATCH) President Trump: “Do I seem rattled?””

  1. He didn’t seem rattled to me. I still remember when the Secret Service swept Vice President Cheney up off his feet and whisked him away on 9/11. They don’t take “NO” for an answer. Just recently when the rioters were trying to tear down that fence he spoke of the Secret Service probably had to do the same thing with the President. I’m pretty sure he protested, but they don’t mess around. And, of course, the MSM characterized President Trump as cowering in “the bunker” which is so far from the truth. Did he seem rattled? Absolutely not. But he really didn’t have to go back in to finish the press conference although they were a little easier on him, I think.

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