What is convalescent plasma therapy for coronavirus?

President Trump announces coronavirus therapy “breakthrough”

President Trump has just announced approval of a “breakthrough” in treatment for coronavirus: convalescent plasma therapy.

The treatment involves using blood plasma from recovery patients to confer antibodies to help a sick patient fight the disease.

FDA called this “a major advance,” and said that if an infected patient is treated within three days, they may have as much as a 35% change of better survival.

The best survival rate, says the FDA, is in those under age 80 who are not on artificial respiration.

Convalescent plasma therapy has been used to treat other diseases.

If you watch “Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson,” you already know about convalescent plasma therapy. We reported on the Mayor of Miami, Florida who became an early donor.

If you missed it: here’s the story!


Go to FDA.gov if you’ve recovered from coronavirus and want to look into donating your plasma to help save the life of another person.

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