Florida race tightens as Trump pulls ahead in one poll

A new Trafalger poll of likely voters in the battleground state of Florida shows President Trump pulling ahead of Joe Biden by nearly three percentage points.

Trafalger shows Trump at 48.7% and Biden not far behind at 45.6%.

The poll was taken Sept. 1 through Sept. 3.

It’s the first Florida poll in recent times showing Trump in the lead. Biden still holds aa 1.8% advantage in the RealClearPolitics average in Florida.

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1 thought on “Florida race tightens as Trump pulls ahead in one poll”

  1. I don’t take much stock in polls. Those that lean on them as indicators of the outcome of elections have forgotten the 2016 election. Against the predictions of polls by various institutions, Trump won the election. Polls can be and usually are skewed in favor of the desired outcome by who and where the polls are conducted. The only way Biden can win this election is by voter fraud and the democrats are doing everything possible to create that situation that makes fraud possible.

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