Gallup: Americans historically reluctant regarding new vaccines

The following is from Gallup:

In 1954, shortly after the newly developed polio vaccine became available, Dr. George Gallup interpreted Americans’ reaction to it positively, saying, “The public itself is very optimistic about the effectiveness of the Salk test. By more than a 13-to-1 ratio, the people interviewed who expressed an opinion feel that the new vaccine will work.”

To be precise, 53% thought the vaccine would work, 4% thought it would not, 33% were unsure and 10% were not familiar with the vaccine at all. That same year, Gallup found 60% of Americans saying they were willing to take the new vaccine themselves, while 31% said they would not.

This level of skepticism about a new vaccine has proven not unique to polio, as similar percentages of Americans have expressed reluctance about four subsequent vaccines measured over the years.

  • Three years later, in 1957, 20% said they would not take an Asian flu vaccine, with 15% saying they were unsure.
  • Even higher percentages said they would not take new vaccines for smallpox in 2002 (45% would not or were unsure) and the swine flu in 2009 (45%).
  • The 35% who now say they would not take a COVID-19 vaccine once it becomes available is right within the historical range.

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16 thoughts on “Gallup: Americans historically reluctant regarding new vaccines”

  1. This is not my first pandemic. Polio was the first. There wasn’t a vaccine until 1955, when I was in grade school.

    A great thing but, a few hundred people got polio from the vaccine. Salk was a killed virus vaccine and some wasn’t killed enough.

    Today we have the great news that polio is eliminated from Africa. That is qualified by saying natural or wild polio is gone. The weakened live virus in the Sabin vaccine has mutated into a dangerous form that is causing polio.

    Now there is a corona virus vaccine. Something that has never been done but, a rush space program to put a vaccine on the moon, (or something like that) is being offered. No thanks.

    1. So you must have received the blue serum/tattoo needle puncture method of the Smallpox vaccine. Wasn’t the polio vaccine given on a sugar cube? I’m getting too old to remember. I have a scar on my arm from all the vaccines I had because my father was in the military and we traveled overseas to live in France for 5 years. Are kids really vaccinated that much these days?

      1. Originally it was given on a sugar cube. I had the smallpox that was available in 1958. Only childhood vaccine, rest were natural. Not had a Flu shot since the Swine Flu made me very ill. Medicare looks to give TRIPLE dose Flu, single is all you need when you have health issues. Considering both COVID and Flu are CORONA I do not like this push to get Flu now, and maybe COVID in a couple of months. We do not know if it will be 1 shot or a yearly right now like the Flu. Fauci has been looking for a HIV vaccine for 17 yrs, Redfield Ebola since the first out break. Fudged his report to boot.

        COVID itself kills a fraction of what they state, Those who die are like me Multi high risk multi health issue patients.

        Depending on state 36 or more as several are series. The one to research is Gardasil lots of Lawsuits for injury, It is a 3 shot series. Did a lot of damage to poor E.Indian girls. now after boys, sounds more like a STD that covers 8 out of 30 stains.

    2. I agree to that, no way and it should be banned if no trials have been done . Second It’s my right not to take the vaccine and I will hold to that no matter what . This whole Covid thing was talked about 3 years ago and now we have it all of a sudden. I’m not a theorist conspirer but I see a huge red flag here and I can only surmise that it’s a set up to get everybody ready for something more destructive like tagging people against their will for some power grab to gain their control . I believe what the Bible tells me in every way and if more people would just read the Bible and have an open view instead of regarding it as a book of stories they would be shocked to find it’s very accurate in all aspects of Prophecy and truth. It’s our only hand book for life and all we need to do is trust in the LORD and believe what he told us and this in and of itself is enough to open our minds as to what is taking place in this day and time . I have never seen such disruption and corruption in the halls of congress as I have this past three years and so blatant as to be so bold not to even hide it.

    3. Another VERY problematic issue is the fact that many of these vaccines are developed using cells and cell lines from aborted babies–ANOTHER grave reason not to take this!

  2. I am not an enthusiast when it comes to vaccines but I am adamantly opposed to the rush to start injecting people with some voodoo potion that cannot possibly be thoroughly and properly tested. I am not going to join Dr., Fauci’s grand experiment. He has been damn near wrong about every aspect of Covid.

    1. We’re with you. Follow the money. Bill Gates is salivating over the money he could possibly make of this vaccine. He is not the only one, They don’t care if we become damaged some way, let alone die from their experiment. They have been so wrong about this entire situation we don’t even know how many really died from COVID-19. The majority of this government is downright evil and I would warn anyone that wants to get involved for several years. If you’re going to die you might as well know what your dying from.

  3. The CDC website shows that this year’s flu vaccines have a thimersol value in the multi-dose vials.
    Why should we trust them? Do our doctor’s even realize that a single dose pre-filled syringe might be the safer option for all their patients?
    The efficacy of this year’s vaccine is also till an unknown, but past years efficacy do not inspire confidence.

  4. The ‘elites’ and their ‘expert’ ‘scientists’ have not yet succeeded in convincing the population that the Chinese Communist Party Virus is actually a pandemic, an epidemic, or even a ‘health crisis’ more serious than the seasonal flu. They have not convinced the population that the ‘lock downs’, social and economic damage, and ‘face coverings’ were or are necessary, appropriate, legal, most effective, and least restrictive.

    Why should it be a surprise that a portion of the population is skeptical regarding a vaccine that will not be tested and proven to be safe or even effective before the ‘elites’ try and force the population to submit?

  5. Another VERY problematic issue is the fact that many of these vaccines are developed using cells and cell lines from aborted babies–ANOTHER grave reason not to take this!

  6. My husband and I will not be willing guinea pigs for this new vaccine. I have only gotten one flu shot and I am 70. I got that one because my husband’s doctor guilted me into it by saying it would help prevent my husband from catching it, because he is on oxygen, but no more after I read up on them. I don’t believe I haver ever had flu anyway.

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