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5 thoughts on ““Losers,” “Suckers,” and Bad Journalism (PODCAST)”

  1. I don’t believe a word of this crap because President Trump loves our troops, takes his job as Commander-in-Chief very seriously and has done more for our vets than any other President..!! He had to completely rebuild our military after Obama ran it into the group leaving our country vulnerable..!! President Trump fixed all that..!! God Bless him for that..!!

    I find that the “timing” alone of this PURE RAW HATEFUL allegation against our President is beyond questionable or a coincidence…..!! It was released in time for Memorial Day..!! The “anonymous source” just happened to “recall” the “losers and suckers” remark just in time to dominate the news cycle for Memorial Day Weekend..?!! The Democrat party is the party of “anonymous sources”……the walking dead zombies…..liars…cheaters…thieves….!! They will do anything and everything to gain and hold power and especially use their propaganda arm….the Lame Stream Media..!! The Lame Stream Media…all of them….are NOT journalists…they are political operatives/political activists…!! I rest my case..!!

    1. can you play the arrow in the player right after the phrase “Share with your friends”? If not look for both Full Measure After Hours and The Sharyl Attkisson Podcast on iTunes or wherever you like to listen!

  2. Remember the time in the 2020 VP debate where now VP Kamala Harris doubled down on this ‘story’?
    And nobody fact checked her?

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