POLL: Most believe Durham probe will not amount to much

U.S. Attorney John Durham

The vast majority of respondents believe not much if anything will come from the probe by U.S. Attorney John Durham.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll of more than 840 people at SharylAttkisson.com.

Durham is looking into the government’s mishandling of the Trump-Russia probe. So far one FBI lawyer has pleaded guilty to doctoring a document submitted to court to secretly wiretap a former Trump campaign associate, Carter Page.

Eighty-two percent (82%) say they think the Durham probe will amount to nothing or include no major accountability.

Seventeen percent (17%) say they believe there will be “blockbuster indictments.”

I think the Durham probe will:

1% Rightly amount to nothing

23% Wrongly amount to nothing

46% Include no major accountability

12% Take meaningful action

17% Include blockbuster indictments

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18 thoughts on “POLL: Most believe Durham probe will not amount to much”

  1. The Durham Investigation, I know it likely will amount to nothing. The problem is that an indictment will need an open minded judge in Washington, DC and they are all like Judge Sullivan that are extremely biased against the President. That will lead to a not guilty verdict no matter what the circumstances or facts.

    1. While I agree with you about your comment re Judge Sullivan, sadly I do not believe it ends with Trump’s departure, whenever that will be. Other than the fact that she is a mean-spirited woman who will stop at nothing for power, the reason I so fear a Kamala Harris presidential administration, particularly with a flipped Senate, is that the WH is the last piece of the puzzle for the Dems’ control of all levels of American government from the DAs and mayors on the local level to the top. Only the GOP governors will have any discernible power and it won’t be long until more states become like Colorado (and sadly Texas) where the blue cities can outvote the rest of the state. The hysteria has reached a fever pitch and the future is bleak. Welcome to Amerika.

  2. I think the Durham probe will turn out to amount to something. People don’t understand why this is taking so long, but consider how long large trials take to unfold and roll out. These things don’t happen over night. This isn’t a probe into 3 people who broke the law – it is a probe looking into a large group of corrupt officials and that isn’t easy. When we consider the term “law and order,” this is what it means. We have laws in this country and to enforce them is not an easy feat, however we have a president who is determined to bring about law and order. Give it more time.

  3. After seeing so many getting away with so much for so long, folks definitely believe we have a two tiered justice system. Notably the Clintons, Eric Holder, James Comey, Clapper, Brenner, McCabe, and Strock. I personally will be shocked if any of them end of paying the piper.

    1. Agree with you, Randall. Collusion, incompetence, lies, no one indicted nor sent to jail, including Hillary and most telling to me – none of these fraudulent lawyers -Yates, Weissman, Styrok, Lisa Page, Rosenstein, Comey, McCabe and others have not had their license /right to practice law revoked. The legal system from Appellate and District Judges, Holder and DOJ prosecutors, C.I.A., and Brennan (Nat’l Intel Agcy.) included, have shamed and disgraced the Legal Profession schemers who were and continue to be in violation of all ethical standards for the foreseeable future.

      1. Nicely said.
        Ohr, Mueller and Lynch, need to be added to the list.
        Ohr: More than likely misled Congress, sold information to GPS. pillow talk (aka: (Slassified into) with his wife, thereby elimintating a paper trail or electronic tracks showing questionable communications. Ohr was number 4 in the Justice Dept.
        Mueller: accepted speical prosecutor position knowing there was not a crime to investigate. About mid-point in his investigation he swictched from a collusion investigation to attempting to set up a purjury trap for Trump. None of the officials overseeing or participating in the investigation had any direct information on collusion.
        Lynch: She was overseeing the whole operation as attorney general.
        Mrs Ohr,: – probably gave misleading info to Congress. She secured Steele to write the Dossier. transmitted classified information to Simpson & Steele.

        Classified info was leaked to the media, namely Clinton operatives. Classifed intormatin was given to Steele, Steele used the media sources to verify his Dossier, The media used the Dossier to verify their information.

        Nunes and Gowdy were to have a meeting with DOJ officials. Somehow they got the idea they were being set up as the leakers and cancelled the meeting. The next morning the media stootges printed the information as though the meeting had taken place, which it had not.

  4. Do the schools of journalism still do case studies? If so, the 5pm Wolf Blitzer show with the Jared Kushner interview after the WH ceremony is a classic for the ages. All Wolf wanted to talk about were ” MASKS ” !!


  5. Given what we already know about such things as the totally improper application for the FISA warrants, the fact that nobody has been held accountable for complete mis-use of power suggests that probably, and sadly, nothing will happen. A very sad chapter in out history and yet another reason for citizens to lose faith in government.

    1. Let’s just hope it’s not the last chapter. It’s one thing to lose faith in the government, but we cannot lose faith in liberty and the power of freedom-loving voices. Let us not repeat the saga of the quiet, apathetic Italians and Germans of the 1920s and 1930s.

  6. I was amongst the 46%, but the squawking from the Senators on the left before the report is even released leads me to believe they know something not so easy to quash is forthcoming. Time will tell.

  7. The Durham investigation has the potential for shocking headlines. It includes witnesses and suspects from the US, Europe and Australia. The suspects go from working level government agents up to cabinet level executives.

    In sum, we’re not talking about prosecuting traffic violations supported by radar or camera evidence. For examples of complex government corruption, read the book UNBRIDLED POWER, by Shelley Davis, published in 1997 by Harper Business.

    Be patient and “stay tuned.”

  8. Could have missed but did not see one mention of the name Andrew Weissmann. It’s difficult to take any reply seriously when his name is left out. Muller was the figure head for the Weissmann probe.

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