Most do not consider 2020 polls to be generally accurate

As we approach election day, there is broad distrust of polls. That’s according to the latest unscientific poll at

Eighty-eight percent (88%) of respondents say they do not consider 2020 polls to be generally accurate.

Less than 1% said such polls are generally accurate.

Nine percent (9%) said there’s no way to know.

Do you consider 2020 polls to be generally accurate?

<1% Yes

88% No

2% Not sure

9% No way to know

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3 thoughts on “Most do not consider 2020 polls to be generally accurate”

  1. “Generally” accurate? “Most” do not consider ANY polls from ANY year to be accurate period. Not just generally. I’ll be saying this till I’m blue in the face. POLLS ARE AN ART, NOT A SCIENCE. Why the media (that includes you Sharyl..sorry) keeps referring to them, or in the case ” conducting them”, I’ll never understand. Especially after 2016 when the day after the election it was revealed to anyone with half a brain and could get one eye open they were bullshit. You even refer to your poll as unscientific. It’s even worse than that because you don’t even list the raw data of how many you people you surveyed. Was it a 1500, 1000.. 10?

  2. Polls maybe at one point were accurate.
    Polls became less accurate with the advent of social platforms.
    The more informed people are in ” real time” the less accurate the poll.
    we live in a 24/7 polling culture.

  3. In 2016 we saw how the polls were manipulated, and targeted to get the result those conducting the polls wanted.
    Did they get better since then?
    Who knows.
    Miss Attkisson’s unscientific polls are likely just as good.
    I think the majority of Americans have already decided whom they are going to vote for. A poll is not going to change their mind. Nor would Russian bots.
    Me, I am going to write in Tulsi Gabbard as a F-U to Harris.

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