POLL: 91% say mob violence “helps Trump by proving his point”

The vast majority of respondents say the current riots and violence happening in some U.S. cities “Helps Trump by proving his point.” That’s according to the results of the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com.

Of more than 1,000 people who responded, 91% said it proves Trump’s point. Only 1% said it “Helps Biden: Trump wants violence.”

Six percent (6%) said the violence “Helps neither.”

The mob violence

91% Helps Trump by proving his point

1% Helps Biden: Trump wants violence

>1% Helps both

6% Helps neither

2% I don’t know

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3 thoughts on “POLL: 91% say mob violence “helps Trump by proving his point””

  1. In 1968 there was absolutely no way that the vast ( (frightened) majority of the country would go anywhere near a candidate who had even the slightest feelings for the riotous scum that was THEN destroying the nation…..so even an unusual number of democrats held their noses voted for Nixon—THE REPUBLICAN who won …big.
    In 2020 there will be absolutely no way that the vast ( terrified) majority of the country will go anywhere near the candidate who SUPPORTS the riotous scum that is NOW destroying the nation—so even an unusual number of democrats will hold their noses and vote for Trump. THE REPUBLICAN who will win….even bigger.

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