POLL: Most plan to vote in person on election day

The vast majority of people who answered the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com say they plan to cast their 2020 presidential vote in person.

Among nearly 1,300 respondents, 88% said they plan to vote in person either on Election Day (64%) or prior to Election Day (24%).

Eleven percent (11%) stay they plan to vote by absentee ballot (7%) or mail-in ballot (4%).

I plan to vote

64% On Election Day in person

24% In person prior to election day

7% By absentee ballot

4% By mail-in ballot

1% Haven’t decided

<1% I’m not voting

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15 thoughts on “POLL: Most plan to vote in person on election day”

  1. The Democrats will pull any stunt they can to steal Nov 3rd w/ mail in voting or who knows what else. If people can stand in line at Wal Marts or Target during Covid prime and now many other places, they can stand in line to vote. I’ve always voted in person.

  2. What is the latest in PA where the judge requested trump campaign produce evidence of “cheating” by mail in voting? At the time they had no proof so the judge did not plan to move the case forward. Seems this will be a State by State issue. Is there any evidence available for any states which would be admissible in a suit in court?

  3. I live in Nevada where the State may make National news every night after Nov 3rd if the Presidential election is close due to new mail-in voting in Nevada. Nevada election results will not be known until Nov 16 and I believe there is a possibility that date may be extended due to the ‘cure’ rules.

    I plan to vote in-person on Nov 3rd. Late that night of Nov 3rd Nevada will announce the tabulation results of in-person voting and of accepted and counted mail-in ballots but there will still be thousands of mail-in ballots not yet counted, in fact there may be thousands of ballots still in USPS mail boxes. Nevada will accept all mail-in ballots post marked on or before Nov 3rd, so on election day there may be thousands of ballots mailed that day.

    If mail-in ballots are received with no signature or an invalid signature, the State will attempt to notify the voter by mail to ‘cure’ the invalid ballot. The mail-in voter will get a second chance to correctly sign the ballot or prove to the State the signature is valid — that will take time.

    Nevada voting may make National news for two weeks or more if the election is close.

  4. In Utah I am required to vote by mail. We’ve been doing it for a couple of years now. It was originally sold as a cost saving measure. Fair enough, except that, this “sacred duty” to vote ought not be included in cost saving measures, right?? BTW, I work for the post office. I have seen ballots from other states come to my office for people who have lived here for years. Certainly there will be no fraud, ………yeah like whatever.

  5. My wife and I voted today in person. We voted for:
    > Law and order
    > Border security
    > First responders
    > Veterans
    > God

    God bless president Trump and God bless America!!

  6. I spent much of my career in the armored car/cash vault industry. Dual-control, chain-of-custody, tamper-evident bags and seals and extensive CCTV coverage is all core to protecting assets. Remote voting by mail is a joke.

    No control. Soft security.

    A very high risk is the danger of a remote mail box being destroyed, contents included. If villains will destroy an ATM that’s under remote surveillance, how much easier would it be to attack a voter box?

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