POLL: Most say closed schools should give money to parents

A majority of those who answered the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com say money should be returned to parents in districts where schools are closed to in-person class.

Seventy-three percent (73%) agreed on that course of action among the 1,100 people surveyed.

Almost all of the remaining respondents (25%) said some money should be given to parents but some should also be returned to taxpayers.

Where schools are closed to in-person class, should parents get the education funds to spend on choice of tutoring, private school or home school?

73% Yes!

25% Partly, also some money returned to taxpayers

1% No, not a penny!

1% I don’t know

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5 thoughts on “POLL: Most say closed schools should give money to parents”

  1. How about this: Abolish public school. Give parents a voucher for each child to use at the private school of their choice. Allow private schools to wholly discriminate all they want. Let the voucher be equal to total district funding divided by number of kids in district. If parents shop and save, the savings go into a mutual fund investment account for the child’s future post-secondary education. If parents find a school which cuts out the wasted time and graduates kids a year or two early, the money from those saved years goes into that fund, also. Fund usable for trade school, college/university, or starting a business. Private schools totally unregulated, with, by law, no government interference allowed whatsoever. Let the parents decide. Let a free people perform. And if a mom wants to homeschool, the funds can be used for her to be able to afford to do so, at home, with her own kids. Are you afraid of all that freedom? Communists, sex perverts, Darwinists, Satanists, crappy parents, and bureaucrats have destroyed K-12 long enough and it’s time they had it taken away from them. Imagine, a couple teachers in a district with $15000 per pupil per year, starting their own small private school with 20 students. That’s a $300,000 per year enterprise with a 1:10 teacher-student ratio and the right to kick out ANY misbehaving parents and their brat kids. Imagine the sign on the door to that business, “No GBLTQP persons or communists allowed under penalty of criminal trespass and civil litigation.” No dumb textbooks written by such, either. If people want to send their kids to a Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, secular, athiest, satan-worshipping, or whatever kind of school they want, they can. And nobody is forced to go to any school they don’t want to, nor is any school allowed to be interefered with in any way by anyone, government especially included.

  2. I really enjoy and admire what you do to expose the truths surrounding our government and I wish you the best going forward.

  3. Sharyl, don’t you know the Teacher’s Union needs that money more then the student needs the teachers and schools.
    I really like Ron Paul’s idea for giving the students money for their education and not the school districts. Something definitely needs to be changed and soon.

  4. It surprises me that enterprising lawyers have not yet realized that many states are required by their own emergency laws to pay compensation for any property taken during an emergency.

    Forcing families to devote a part of their homes to state use for online education certainly seems like taking property for emergency use. I know I lost the use of about 2/3 of our apartment every school day when my wife was required to teach from home. On the parent side, especially with multiple children involved, the loss of us may be even greater.

    When WILL the class action lawsuits begin?

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